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Configuration Options

You can configure the behavior of Genesys Web Engagement by using the configuration options listed below.

Note: The configuration options for Web Engagement Server 8.5 fall into three categories:

  • Those options which should be specified in the Web Engagement Cluster application only (cluster-only options). It is critical to guarantee that these options, such as the one that turns embedded Cassandra on and off, are the same for all cluster nodes.
  • Those options which should only be specified in Web Engagement Server applications (node-only options). These options are tightly coupled with a particular instance of Web Engagement Server. For example, the listening hosts for embedded Cassandra, or the name of the log file that will be produced by a particular node.
  • Those options which can be specified either in the Web Engagement Cluster or in Web Engagement Server applications. If one of these options is specified in both cluster and server applications, then option for the particular server will be used. The verbosity level is a good example of this kind of option, as it is specified in the Cluster application, but can be redefined in a particular node for troubleshooting purposes.

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