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kibana Section


Description: Specifies the location of the Elasticsearch HTTP port. Note: The Elasticsearch port is not specified in the default settings for external Cassandra. Because of this, you should use the default value of 9200. If you need to use a different port for Elasticsearch, use the -Des.http.port option to set that value. For more information, refer to Deploy a Cassandra Cluster Node.
Mandatory: No
Default Value: http://localhost:9200
Valid Values: A valid URL that points to the Elasticsearch port
Changes Take Effect: After start/restart


Description: Indicates whether the Kibana server is started during GWE Server startup. The Kibana server is used in the Advanced Reporting Dashboard.
Mandatory: No
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: After start/restart


Description: Specifies the port on which the Kibana server is listening. Used only if the Kibana server is started.
Mandatory: No
Default Value: 5601
Valid Values: Any positive integer valid for specifying a port ID
Changes Take Effect: After start/restart

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