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Removing Fields from Reports

As you customize the GI2 reports to meet your business’s needs, there are some specific rules that you should observe with regard to removing undesired dimensions and/or measures from the reports. If you do not follow these recommendations, then under some circumstances, you might encounter database and/or other errors when you run reports.

Remove Objects from the Presentation Layer

If you remove a measure or dimension from the report’s query, you must also remove it from the presentation layer. (The converse is not necessarily true, however. If you remove a measure from the presentation layer, you need not remove it from the report’s query—though doing so can improve report performance.)

Remove Combination Objects

If the measure or dimension that you plan to remove from a report is the last one that belongs to a particular class, then in addition to removing that dimension or measure, you must also remove any corresponding Combination condition that pertains only to that dimension or measure.

The Combination conditions (such as Group Combination Sess and Group Combination) are distinguished from the non-Combination conditions in that they provide filtering only against a named series of aggregate tables. For example, whereas the Queue Group condition (a non-Combination condition) can be used to filter mediation DN groups from any Info Mart table that stores queue-related data, the Group Combination ABN condition can be used only to filter queue group–related data from the AG2_QUEUE_ABN_* series of Info Mart tables.

If the Combination condition remains among a report’s query filters when no measures remain to gather data from the aggregate table, the query returns a database error when it is executed against the Info Mart database. You are likely to encounter this situation when you are removing measures from reports that query more than one series of aggregate tables.

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