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Available Media Types

The Genesys Interactive Insights Universe Guide lists which media types can yield results different from zero for each measure in the universe. For example, the available media types for the Consult Standard Abandoned Waiting measure in the Q Consults class is described as "Voice, Open (Sync)", indicating that voice and all open synchronous media types are available.

The following table summarizes the applicable media types for groupings of measures across all of the classes in which they are found. “All Abandon measures”, for instance, applies to all of those that measure the abandonment of interactions, whether they be consultations that were abandoned, abandoned inviting and waiting measures, short-abandoned measures, standard abandons, or abandoned-within-a-service-time-interval measures including durations, counts, maximums, averages, and percentages thereof:

[+] Applicable Media Types Within the Universe

Where the listed applicable media types for a particular measure within the group differs from the norm, the differences are footnoted at the bottom of the table. For those measures that can be classified as belonging to more than one grouping (that is, represented by two or more rows in the table), the most restrictive media-type rule applies.

For example, the Consult Received Warm Wrap Time measure can be classified under:

  • “All Consult measures”, which apply to all but Chat media.
  • “All Warm measures”, which apply only to Voice media.
  • “All Wrap measures”, which apply only to Voice media.

The last two media rules are the most restrictive of the three; therefore, they apply to the Consult Received Warm Wrap Time measure.

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