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Implement the Feature Server GAX Plugin

To install and configure the SIP Feature Server Genesys Administration Extension (GAX) plugin:

  1. Log into GAX as an administrator (GAX IP address:port/gax).
  2. Upload the plugin. Follow the steps in Uploading Installation Packages, using the Installation Package Upload (template uploaded separately) method. In the Installation Package Selection window, choose these files:
    • Upload a package: install.zip
    • Upload an XML template: fs-gax-plugin.xml
    • Upload an APD template: fs-gax-plugin.apd
  3. Install the plugin. Follow the steps in Deploying Installation Packages, selecting the package you uploaded in the previous step.
  4. Restart GAX.
  5. Ensure that your GAX server and Feature Servers are synchronized within one second of each other.
  6. Identify your Feature Server instances. In the GAX application object, under the section fs-gax-plugin (or fs, but only if fs already exists), add an option named fs_urls, as needed. Set the option values to a comma-separated list of Feature Server instances, identified by URL. You can use either IP addresses or FQDNs (but not both). Use the format http://hostname:port/fs. For example:
    fs_urls =,
    fs_urls = http://fs1:8080/fs, http://fs2:8080/fs
  7. Log into GAX as an administrator. Follow the steps in Roles to create a new role called, for example, FS_Access. Add your users or an access group to the role and assign them the Access to Genesys SIP Feature Server privilege.
  8. To enable other users to access Feature Server as Administrators, assign the role privilege Administrative Access to SIP Feature Server to individual users or to access groups.
  9. Add your users to the Users access group. See Access Groups.
  10. To verify access, log out of GAX and log back in as one of the users (or access group member) that you just provisioned.
  11. If you are updating a Feature Server environment that uses the Feature Server dial plan to Feature Server 8.1.201.xx or later, you must run a migration script.
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