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SIP Feature Server 8.1.2 known issues and recommendations

This document includes SIP Feature Server issues and recommendations applicable to the 8.1.2 release.

TLS cannot be used in connections with Genesys backend servers when the Dialplan module is in use.

SIP Feature Server cannot be used with TLS when connecting Genesys servers such as Configuration Server, and SIP Server if you have a Dialplan module deployed and SIP Server is configured to use external Dialplan. This is because currently SIP Server doesn't support TLS on dialplan connections and SIP FS cannot be configured to bypass TLS on the dialplan port when the ssl_encryption option is set to true in launcher.xml. You can still use TLS in the Feature Server listening port (HTTPS) as well as in connection to external Cassandra when dialplan is enabled.

(SIPVM-5686), (SIPVM-7067)

No retention limit can't be set when the limit option is configured in days

Workaround When using GAX to set retention limits for voicemail profiles, operation can fail when selecting “no limit” option, while retention is measured in days. When retention period specified in seconds then selecting “no limits” option will succeed. (SIPVM-6932)

SIP Feature Server is unable to connect to GAX Plugin

When SIP Feature Server starts in offline mode (no access to internet) and attempts to connect to GAX Plugin, an exception error is displayed. This issue occurs because of incorrectly referenced tiles in template, that is, template DTD (tiles 2) instead of the latest SIPFS tile, that is, tiles 3.

This issue is fixed in SIP Feature Server and later versions.


Limitation in usage of hyphen in HOSTNAME

SIP Feature Server doesn't parse the environment variable HOSTNAME if it contains '-' (hyphen) and it crashed during initialization.

Workaround: Genesys recommends not to use '-' (hyphen) in HOSTNAME. (SIPVM-6873)

Limitation on JDK version with four parts

SIP Feature Server will not start if the JDK version number comprises of four parts, for example,

Workaround: Upgrade and/or downgrade to the base JDK version that comprises of three parts, for example, 11.0.18 (latest JDK version with three parts). (SIPVM-6822)

SIP Feature Server doesn't start due to an exception caused by jnr-*.jar files

SIP Feature Server might not start on some hosts after initial deployment or upgrade from previous version. In such scenarios, the logs contain the following exception error: Std 09900 Exception java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: jnr.ffi.Platform.getStandardCLibraryName()Ljava/lang/String;

Workaround: In the <installation folder>/work directory, locate and remove the jnr-*.jar files, and restart the application. (SIPVM-6714)

Memory leakage in SIP Feature Server

Memory leakage was observed in SIP Feature Server when Prometheus metrics is queried. This issue is fixed in SIP Feature Server and later versions. (SIPVM-6770)

SIP Feature Server will not support the older version of OpenJDK 8

SIP Feature Server will not start with older versions of OpenJDK 8. The use of latest version of OpenJDK 8 is recommended. (SIPVM-6665)

SIP Feature Server will not support Amazon Corretto OpenJDK 11

To start SIP Feature Server, download and configure this version of OpenJDK 11: https://jdk.java.net/java-se-ri/11. (SIPVM-6662)

Call Forwarding on No answer doesn't work for external numbers

Call Forwarding on No answer when called using the external number given for an Agent DN will not work. This issue exists in SIP Feature Server and later versions. (SIPVM-6468)

Default rate limit value not applied when the values of request-rate-dm, request-rate-vm, and request-rate-gax options are set to alphabet, special characters, Boolean, or negative numbers in SIP Feature Server

When you use the version of SIP Feature Server, the default rate limit value is not applied to SIP Feature Server when the options request-rate-dm, request-rate-vm, and request-rate-gax are set to alphabet, special characters, Boolean, or negative numbers. SIP Feature Server can process greater number of DM, VM, GAX requests than their respective default values. When set to a negative value, the rate limit is reached for requests lesser than the default value. (SIPVM-6480)

Difficult to navigate all the mailboxes in the list from the home screen.

When you view accounts that has huge number of mailboxes assigned to it, it is difficult to view all the mailboxes in the list from the home screen.

Workaround: For these accounts, Genesys recommends to view their mailboxes from the User profile screen or search for a particular mailbox by typing its number in the Search field on the Mailboxes screen. (SIPVM-6401)

SIP Feature Server’s UI has been deprecated from version

SIP Feature Server’s UI has been deprecated from version dated 09/14/16, and is not supported any further. Therefore, all administrative tasks must be performed using GAX.

Radio button options do not work in SIP Feature Server GAX Plugin UI when you use GAX 9.0.100.XX or later versions

When you use the version of SIP Feature Server GAX Plugin with GAX version 9.0.100.XX or later versions, you cannot select any radio button option that is available in the SIP Feature Server Plugin User Interface. (SIPVM-6135)

Check box fields will not be visible in SIP Feature Server GAX Plugin UI when you use GAX 9.0.100.XX or later verions

When you use the version of SIP Feature Server GAX Plugin with GAX version 9.0.100.XX or later versions, the check box fields that are provided for overriding the existing data during Bulk Upload/Bulk Assignment operations will not be visible in the SIP Feature Server Plugin User Interface. (SIPVM-6136)

Voicemail retrieval cannot be performed using PSTN network

Agents seated outside SBC cannot access the mailbox when they try to access or retrieve the voicemail through PSTN network. The call gets disconnected because PSTN number cannot be resolved by SIP Feature Server. Therefore, retrieving voicemail from remote telephone does not work. (SIPVM-6109)

SIP Feature Server cannot connect to the Configuration Server after switchover

When the Configuration Server is switched over or when the primary server is down, SIP Feature Server cannot connect to the backup Configuration Server. Therefore, the configuration objects that are created, updated, or deleted at that time are not reflected in SIP Feature Server. This issue occurs for SIP Feature Server versions from to This issue is fixed in SIP Feature Server and later versions. (SIPVM-5988)

Feature Server plugin versions that support GAX version 8.5.260.xx or later

The following Feature Server plugins support GAX version 8.5.260.xx or later:

  • Genesys SIP Feature Server Plugin for GAX or later
  • Genesys SIP Feature Server Device Management GAX Plugin or later

The fs-nodetool-utility module is not included in the and versions

The fs-nodetool-utility module is not included in the and versions of SIP Feature Server. Therefore, the nodetool command cannot be run when secure connection is enabled for Cassandra JMX port. To work around this issue, add fs-nodetool-utility.jar from previous versions, manually, and run the required commands.

SIP Feature Server is unable to connect to the configuration server

SIP Feature Server is unable to connect to the configuration server using auto-upgrade port when TLS support is enabled in the version of SIP Feature Server. To work around this issue, use only the secure port when TLS support is enabled.

LastUpdateID displays null value

Sometimes, LastUpdateID in the Cassandra DB displays null value because of which the connection between SIP Feature Server and Configuration Manager or SIP Server fails. As a workaround, the reimport process must be run to reconfigure lastUpdateID. This workaround is applicable only for or earlier versions of SIP Feature Server.


Feature Server will not retrieve voicemail deposited in G729 codecs for or previous versions

When you try to retrieve the voicemail that is deposited in G729 codecs for or previous versions of Feature Server, the following exception will be thrown:

Unsupported audio file


Issues in removing obsolete DNs that are assigned to an Agent

After reimporting Configuration Objects and then while removing obsolete configuration entities, an attempt to remove the obsolete DNs, which are statically assigned to an Agent, from the Cassandra database fails. The issue occurs only during reimport. (SIPVM-4723)

Issue in upgrading the device firmware using GAX

In DHCP based provisioning, the AudioCodes phones download the firmware from the URL configured in the 66/160 option. Therefore, the fs_url option in the [DM] section does not take effect for Audiocodes firmware upgrade.
(SIPVM-3614, Fix version: Feature Server:, DM-GAX plugin

Null pointer exception during Feature Server History Log synchronization

When you delete a DN or an Agent Login from the configuration environment when Feature Server is down then a null pointer exception occurs when you restart Feature Server for History Log synchronization. (SIPVM-4563)

Workaround to handle incorrectly updated device in versions or older

When a DN that is assigned to a device is deleted from the configuration environment by using GA/GAX, then the DN remains associated with the device. This issue applies to Feature Server versions or older. (SIPVM-3672, SIPVM-3616, SIPVM-4176, SIPVM-4285)

Upgrade to the latest Feature Server version, delete the associated device from Feature Server and provision the device again.

Feature Server upgrade from Jetty7.4 to Jetty7.6 has issues

After upgrading SIP FS from FS (running with Jetty 7.4) to FS (running with Jetty 7.6), the FS GAX Plugin displays Access Denied, and attempts to access the FS GAX UI return HTTP error 500.

Workaround Remove the old-version jar org.apache.jasper.glassfish_2.1.0.v201007080150.jsp from the <fs-installation-path>/lib directory and restart Feature Server.

To fully correct the issue: Upgrade to the latest FS (running with Jetty v9). The Feature Server from version runs using Jetty v9. (SIPVM-4235)

Upgrade Feature Server from English (ENU) to International (INT) and vice versa in Windows

The setup for Feature Server version for Windows does not recognize the previous Feature Server versions, and as a result, the maintenance update does not occur. Genesys recommends that you install version to correct—or to avoid—this limitation. FS version for Windows recognizes the previous Feature Server versions except Use the following procedure to upgrade to/from version

  1. Back up the cassandra_home directory, including the \etc subdirectory.
  2. Note the cassandra_home parameter in launcher.xml at the current location.
    Note: The "current location" is the location of the previously installed FS version that you are replacing.
  3. Run Setup.exe from the IP (the new version that you are installing).
    1. When prompted, enter the Configuration Server host/port and user name/password.
    2. Select the Feature Server Application object to be upgraded.
    3. When prompted, enter a new location that is different from the current location.
      Note: The "new location" is the location of the latest FS version that you are installing (
    4. Type the Cassandra path as it is specified in the cassandra_home parameter of the current launcher.xml (Refer Step 2).
  4. After installing, restore/replace the files located in the cassandra_home\etc directories that you backed up in step 1.
  5. Copy the launcher.xml file from its current location to the new location.
  6. Copy the \resources directory from its current location to the new location.
  7. Copy the keystore file from the current FS\etc directory to the new FS\etc directory.
  8. In the new deployment, verify that:
    1. The Feature Server application object has its new version and working directory.
    2. launcher.xml contains the cassandra_home parameter (Refer Step 2).
    3. The file \cassandra_home\etc\cassandra.yaml has the same entries as before. Verify by comparing the new cassandra.yaml to the backed-up version (Refer Step 1).
    4. The cassandra-topology.properties file is in the new \resources directory—if the NetworkTopology strategy is being used.
    5. Check and adjust the SSL configuration as described on the Start SIP Server page, under the heading Jetty 9 configuration.
  9. Stop Feature Server from Solution Control Interface (SCI) or Genesys Administrator (GA).
  10. Start Feature Server from SCI or GA.


Important upgrade step

If you are upgrading from a restricted release of SIP Feature Server 8.1.2 (any version prior to, you must manually restore the vms_host parameter, as follows:

  1. Open launcher.xml.
  2. In the vms_host section, in the line <format type="string" default="localhost" />, replace "localhost" with "" or a specific IP address to restrict Feature Server web application access to that address.

If you are doing a fresh installation or upgrading from or later, you can omit this step.

Synchronization of history fails in non-master Feature Server sites

Synchronization fails following creation / modification / deletion of Switch objects in non-master sites where all the Feature Servers in that site is down, even after all of the site's Feature Servers have been started up again.
Workaround Run the Reimport procedure to perform synchronization of those missing switch objects.


Permissions Issues Trigger CFGHistoryLogExpired Error

Modifying objects in Configuration Manager when Feature Server is down can trigger a CFGHistoryLogExpired error in the Feature Server log, due to permissions issues—even if the number of changes is below the history log max-records limit.


Agent Login Incorrectly Deleted

When an Agent Login is assigned to an Agent/User and the Agent/User is being deleted in CME, Feature Server incorrectly deletes the Agent Login from the Cassandra database.


Agents Not Logged Out

Agents are not logged out from Audiocodes/Genesys phones if the corresponding line is removed. Recommendation: Do not delete the line before logging out the agent.


Mailbox Counters Show Incorrect Value

Mailbox counters show an incorrect value while a user performs Voicemail operations.


Omit punctuation from DNs

Feature Server does not ignore punctuation such as commas, brackets, periods in a DN. For example, the dialing instruction in {"instruction": "Dial(2,555)", "priority": 1} is read as "Dial (2)" because of the comma following the 2. Do not include punctuation in a DN when creating or sending dialing instructions to Feature Server.


Install plugin upgrades as new

The new versions of Genesys SIP Feature Server Plugin for Genesys Administrator Extension and Genesys SIP Feature Server Device Management GAX Plugin must be installed as new—the current upgrade process does not succeed.


Uninstall each plugin first. Then install each new version as a new product.

Important: If uninstalling the older plugin versions does not remove the .jar files from the directory <GAX Installation Directory>\plug-ins, then you must remove them manually before installing the latest versions of the plugins.


If you create a profile with time zone configuration in version or earlier, and then upgrade the Feature Server to version or later, further operations in Device Management may fail after the upgrade.


Reconfigure the time zone in the existing profiles.


Device management: Polycom phones

  • Polycom VVX phones only: When upgrading from Polycom firmware 5.0.0 to 5.0.1, set the Firmware Upgrade Timeout to 30.
  • When Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is enabled:
    • Polycom SoundPoint phones with firmware version 4.1.0 or 4.1.1 become unresponsive on agent login.
    • Polycom SoundPoint phones with firmware version 4.0.8 or lower do not display Not Ready reason codes.
    • See Supported Hard Phones to determine the best firmware version for your phones.


Multisite: Calls not forwarded between sites

In a multisite environment, users cannot set call forwarding from one site to another. (SIPVM-3430)


Set the forwarding profile to enable external destinations, and then try to forward to the external version of an internal number: 800-555-7003, for example, rather than 7003.

Changes to call forwarding settings are sometimes ignored

If an agent sets call forwarding from their agent desktop application, such as Workspace, that setting immediately synchronizes to Feature Server. However, changes to call forwarding settings on Feature Server made through the GAX-based UI are not synchronized back to SIP Server. SIP Server retains the previous forwarding settings, resulting in unexpected behavior. (SIPVM-3409)


Have agents choose only one location to set and change forwarding: either their agent desktop application, or the Feature Server UI.

Changing a forwarding profile needs page refresh

After the selection of a new forwarding profile for a user, the User Properties page might not reflect the change. (SIPVM-3383)


Refresh the browser page to view the proper settings for that profile.

Do not rename switches

Renaming a switch causes Feature Server to treat the switch as a new switch, creating duplicate data in Cassandra. Do not rename any switch.

Device management: Firmware upgrades

  • Firmware upgrades initiated for a device may fail if the upgrade timer expires during a call.
  • In business continuity deployment, a peer site cannot upgrade the firmware of phones belonging to the original site.
  • If Feature Server terminates during a firmware upgrade, and the firmware upgrade completes after Feature Server is running again, the firmware version and upgrade status are not properly updated.
    Resync or restart the device to correctly update the Device Firmware version and upgrade status.

Device management: Audiocodes SBC

Provisioning of multiple lines on a device behind an Audiocodes SBC may not work correctly. (SIPVM-3392)


Use an Audiocodes SBC version 6.80A or later.

Device management: Bulk assignment

You cannot use bulk upload to overwrite a device by interchanging the DNs. (SIPVM-3338)

Device management: Synchronization

  • A re-enabled device can fail to synchronize for up to an hour, until the periodic request is sent for the configuration file. (SIPVM-3330)
    After enabling a disabled device, an administrator can restart the device manually for immediate effect.
  • When an assigned DN is disabled and then deleted in Genesys Administrator, synchronization of the device cannot occur until the device is rebooted.

Device management: Yealink phones

  • You can disable and enable only phones that are updated to firmware or later. (SIPVM-3401)
  • In a Business Continuity environment where one site is inoperative, ACD agents using Yealink phones cannot log in. (SIPVM-3285)
  • When you disable Call Forwarding using the Feature Server device profile Call Settings, phone users can still forward calls from Yealink phones.

Device management: Agent login

ACD agents cannot effectively log in from multiple devices. The device accepts their credentials, but their only option is to log out. (SIPVM-3267)

Device management: LDAP

  • Genesys and AudioCodes phones: users cannot use the Number Attribute to search LDAP directories. (SIPVM-3218)
  • Active Directory (LDAP) is not supported for Yealink Model T-20.
  • To use LDAP, Polycom phones with firmware versions below 4.x require an appropriate license.

Notifications: Firefox formatting

Notifications: in the Firefox browser, the email and web message bodies do not retain line breaks. (SIPVM-3001)

Device management: IVR Provisioning

High availability for IVR provisioning is not supported. For example, if Feature Server terminates during IVR provisioning, the administrator must re-provision the phone.

Device management: HTTPS

AudioCodes phones do not require CA certification configuration for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) support.

Feature Server and GAX Server synchronization

You must always keep Feature Servers and GAX Servers synchronized within one second.

Keep one Feature Server instance running at all times

To avoid discrepancies between the Cassandra and Configuration Server databases, keep at least one Feature Server with active confSync running at all times.

Upgrade steps

If you are running the Feature Server-based dial plan, to upgrade your environment from to 8.1.201.xx you must take the following actions:

  1. Run the Voicemail Enabled migration script.
  2. A user setting of Unconditional Forwarding in 8.1.200 sets an empty value for Forward All Calls To; all calls automatically go to voicemail. You must add the voicemail access number to Forward All Calls To. (SIPVM-2320)
  3. If the switch-level forwarding options in 8.1.200 were set to Voicemail, after upgrade these values are System (Voicemail). The administrator must set custom values at the switch level for Forwarding On Busy and Forwarding On No Answer, save the values, then reset those values to System (Off). (SIPVM-2315)

Feature Server GAX Plug-in does not support HTTPS

Feature Server GAX Plug-in does not support HTTPS URLs. (SIPVM-2852)


Specify only http URLs as values for the fs_urls configuration option.

Multiple data center environment: exception occurs in nodes during startup

During the initial startup of a multiple data center environment, a TokenRangeOfflineException occurs, with a log message "[Voicemail] Failed to read mailbox". The cause is a voicemail-quorum configuration option value of true. (SIPVM-2840)


When you first start Feature Server in a multiple data center environment, set the [VoicemailServer]voicemail-quorum configuration option value to false. After startup is complete, reset the value to true.

Master Feature Server can wait indefinitely for other nodes to start

After the master Feature Server starts, it sometimes waits indefinitely in the initializing state, waiting for other nodes to be started so it can retrieve all system data about the Cassandra cluster.


If the master Feature Server is waiting at the initializing state, start the other Feature Server nodes in the Cassandra cluster.

Too many non-functioning Cassandra nodes can lead to inconsistent data

In a multi-node environment, if the option voicemail-quorum = true and the number of non-functioning Cassandra nodes is greater than or equal to the calculated quorum value (replication_factor/2 + 1, rounded down), Feature Server may return MWIs with incorrect counts, because not enough nodes are available to apply Cassandra Read /Write Consistency policies.


Do not take multiple Feature Server instances offline at one time.

Installation on Windows 2012

Before attempting to install Feature Server under Windows 2012, verify that you have the latest Feature Server 8.1.201.xx installation package (IP) or CD. Open the IP Readme located on your CD or IP. If the Readme does not list Windows 2012 support, then you must obtain the latest Feature Server 8.1.201.xx IP.

Cassandra cluster outages can cause data synchronization issues

If the Cassandra cluster is not operational at all times, data synchronization-related issues in Feature Server instances can occur. (SIPVM-2280)

Forwarding On Busy or No Answer: calls not depositing voicemail to original mailbox

When a user or DN has Forwarding On Busy enabled (On), callers are unable to deposit voicemail into the mailbox of the user or DN they originally called. When Forwarding On Busy or No Answer is set to EXTERNAL_PUBLIC, the call does not return to the original mailbox. (SIPVM-2135)

Non-agents are incorrectly having mailboxes created automatically

In a standalone deployment, non-agents are incorrectly having mailboxes created automatically during initial import and real-time synchronization of data into Cassandra from Configuration Server. (SIPVM-2134)

Calls to agents with multiple mailboxes are sent to the first associated mailbox

When a person is statically associated to two agent logins, each of which has its own mailbox configured, all calls are sent to the first associated Agent Login mailbox. (SIPVM-2124)

Use IP addresses

Use IP Address or local host name, not FQDN, to access the Web application. FQDNs can cause unexpected logouts.

Group Mailbox Administrator privileges

Only users with the Group Mailbox Administrator role can use the web application or TUI to upload or change greetings and passwords.

When the network is disabled on the host on which Feature Server is running, Windows may terminate unexpectedly

Windows may terminate unexpectedly if the host on which Feature Server is running is removed from the network by clicking Disable from the Windows Local Area Connection dialog box. (SIPVM-1333)


Stop Feature Server before disconnecting the network.

Message priority is not being considered during retrieval

The message priority selected during a call deposit is not taken into consideration during voicemail retrieval. (SIPVM-1248)

TUI: mailboxes are accessible only with mailbox credentials

In the Telephone User Interface (TUI), User and Group mailboxes can be accessed only with mailbox credentials (mailbox number). DN, agent, and user credentials to access mailboxes is not supported. (SIPVM-859)

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