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Deploying SIP Feature Server

Complete these tasks to configure SIP Feature Server instances for standalone operation.

  1. Configure SIP Feature Server applications
  2. Deploy co-located/external Cassandra cluster
  3. Configure SIP Feature Server for co-located/external Cassandra cluster
  4. Implement the Feature Server GAX Plug-in
  5. Implement device management
  6. Start and verify SIP Feature Server
  7. Configure SIP Server for Feature Server
  8. Configure voicemail

Cassandra Cluster Tasks

You can use these sample deployments as a model for your chosen deployment option.


The following videos provide an overview and procedure of the deployment process. For detailed information, refer to the other topics covered in this section.

Installing SIP Feature Server (Part I/III)

Installing SIP Feature Server GAX plugin (Part II/III)

Installing SIP Feature Server Device Management GAX plugin (Part III/III)


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