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Configure SIP Feature Server for a co-located/external Cassandra cluster

Perform the following steps on each SIP Feature Server instance:

  1. If you are using Feature Server version or above, then during installation, select Cassandra cluster type as External Cassandra cluster type. If you are using SIP Feature Server version, then edit the <Feature Server installed directory>\launcher.xml file and set the following parameters:
    • com.genesyslab.common.application.cassandraServer=false
  2. In the SIP Feature Server application > [Cassandra] section, configure the options as follows:
    • nodes=IPAddress of all the Cassandra nodes that are available in that data center.
    • keyspace=<keyspace_name> Keyspace name for SIP Feature Server application. The default is sipfs.
    • nodeFailureTolerance=replication_factor Value of its data center-1.
      For example, if DC1 is the data center where SIP Feature Server is connected and the replication factor is DC1=3,DC2=3, then configure nodeFailureTolerance=2.
  3. If Authentication is enabled in Cassandra, then configure the following options in the [Cassandra] section under SIP Feature Server application:
    • username=<cassandra_username>
    • password=<Cassandra_password>
  4. If Cassandra SSL encryption is enabled, then perform the following steps:
    • Create a truststore under <SIP Feature Server installed directory>/etc and import the public key certificates of the Cassandra nodes.
    • Edit the <SIP Feature Server installed directory>/launcher.xml file and set:
      • com.genesyslab.voicemail.application.cassandraEncryption=true
      • javax.net.ssl.trustStore=./etc/truststore [path of the truststore file]
      • javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword=<truststore password>
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