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New in This Release

Before you familiarize yourself with the Genesys Framework architecture and functionality, note the following major changes that were implemented in the 8.5 release of Framework, and the sources that describe them in detail.

New in Release 8.5.0

General Features

  • Recommendations for Disaster Recovery: If a natural, man-made, or unintended event occurs at the main site, forcing Configuration Server, Solution Control Server (SCS), and Message Server to fail, Genesys now recommends a multi-site deployment model to maintain operations. See Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.
  • Enhanced Migration: Migration of Management Framework Components is improved, enabling the upgrade to occur with minimal downtime and impact to the production environment. Refer to the ''Genesys Migration Guide'' for more information.
  • Logging Resilience: Throttling can be applied to log outputs, including the Centralized Log, to prevent a log queue from growing to a size that could impact normal operation of an application.
  • Support for new Database Management Systems and a new virtual platform. For updated information about supported operating systems, Database Management Systems (DBMS), and Virtual Machines, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

Configuration Layer

If you will be using the Configuration Conversion Wizard to convert your Configuration Database, you still need DB Server for the conversion.
  • Licensing Enhancements: Before Configuration Server starts for the first time, it now checks and confirms that the license file is valid. This step does not require any new license or license file; the existing license file is simply checked for validity. In addition, Genesys License Reporting Manager (LRM) is now supported; it works with Configuration Server to ensure that all applications have a valid license before they can be installed and started. Refer to Licensing Prerequisites for more information.
  • Language Pack Support for Localization of Configuration Layer: Configuration Server allows you to install language packs to enable support of a particular language in which messages are displayed. Refer to the documentation with your Language Packs for more information.
  • Improved handling of Business Attributes: New configuration options have been introduced to control the existence of legacy values of MediaType business attributes, and the automatic inheritance of legacy business attributes when creating new tenants.
  • Extended audit trail of configuration changes: Configuration Server now supports an extended audit trail of all changes in the Configuration Database, including new and previous values. A new utility outputs a report of this information when necessary. Refer to History of Configuration Changes for more information.
  • New types of Application configuration objects: Users can now define the following new types of Application configuration objects:
    • LRM Server
    • Recording Crypto Server

Management Layer

See the ''Framework 8.5 Management Layer User's Guide'' for information about the following new features that are specific to the Management Layer:

  • Improved Database Access: DB Server is no longer required for access to the Log Database.
  • Extended Hang-up Detection: The Message Server process thread now supports hang-up detection between Message Server and the Log Database at the thread level.
  • Enhanced Logging: Some log events have been updated to provide extended information application .

Security Features

  • Extended support of Kerberos authentication protocol: Configuration Server supports Kerberos for user logins. Configuration Server can operate with Windows Active Directory and MIT key distribution centers to facilitate Single Sign-on via Genesys UI applications. Refer to the ''Framework 8.5 External Authentication Reference Manual'' for more information.
  • Reinforced user authentication: All active sessions are immediately invalidated when a user is disabled in, or removed from, the Configuration Database. Refer to the ''Genesys 8.1 Security Deployment Guide'' for more information about user authentication measures for your system.

Retired Features

  • DB Server is no longer required by Management Framework. If you must use DB Server because you are using Genesys components that are older and/or do not support this functionality, see Using DB Server.
  • Except for Configuration Conversion Wizard, all other Management Framework-related configuration and deployment Wizards, including the Configuration Import Wizard and Database Import Wizard, are no longer available as part of Management Framework 8.5. However, most are available and can be used if needed.
  • The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is deprecated in Management Framework.
  • Support is discontinued for all versions of the following:
    • HP-UX and HP Itanium operating systems
    • IBM Informix and Sybase DBMS

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