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Using Windows Service Manager

The Genesys setup procedures on Windows operating systems automatically install Genesys daemon applications as Windows Services, with the autostart capability.

When starting an application installed as a Windows Service, make sure that the startup parameters of the application are correctly specified in the ImagePath in the application folder that you can find in the Registry Editor.

The ImagePath must have the following value data:

<full path>\<executable file name> -service <Application Name as Service> -host <Configuration Server host> -port <Configuration Server port> -app <Application Name> -l <license address>

where the command-line parameters common to Framework server components are described here and where

-service Name of the application running as a Windows service (typically, it matches the application name specified in the -app command-line parameter)

Framework components installed as Windows services with autostart capability are automatically started each time a computer on which they are installed is rebooted.

To start Framework components installed as Windows Services with manual start capability, click Start in Services Manager.

Use the Windows Services window to change the startup mode from Automatic to Manual and vice versa.

To stop any Framework components installed as Windows Services, regardless of the start capability, click Stop in Services Manager.

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