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Solution Control Server

Deploying Solution Control Server

To deploy Solution Control Server, do the following:

1. Configure a Solution Control Application object. [+] Show steps
2. Install Solution Control Server. [+] Show steps

Solution Control Server Utilities

Solution Control Server includes four utilities:

  • ccgs.pl-Graceful Call Center T-Servers stop script.
  • gstuckcalls utility and Stuck Calls detection and deletion scripts-To handle T-Server stuck calls and raise alarms.
  • logmsg utility-To send log messages on behalf of applications.
  • mlcmd utility-To send and receive information to and from Solution Control Server.

For more information about these utilities and how to use them, see the ''Framework 8.5 Management Layer User's Guide''.

By default, the utilities are installed with SCS, but can be installed separately. [+] Show steps

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