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Operating Environment Prerequisites

Hardware and Networking

Genesys recommends that you or your IT specialist assign host computers to Genesys software before you start Genesys installation.

If you are considering using IPv6 for some or all connections, make sure that you first review the information in IPv6.

Refer to Network Locations for Framework Components for recommendations on server locations.


Refer to the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for the list of operating systems and database systems supported in Genesys releases. Refer to the ''Genesys Supported Media Interfaces Reference Guide'' for the list of supported switch and PBX versions.

For UNIX operating systems, also review the list of patches Genesys uses for software product builds and upgrade your patch configuration if necessary. A description of patch configuration is linked to the Readme files for the Genesys applications that operate on UNIX.

Internet Browsers

To view all elements of Genesys Administrator, you need any combination of Internet Explorer and and/or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers.

Refer to the ''Framework Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide'' for information about supported browser versions, and requirements for the Genesys Administrator web server.

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