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The Genesys Framework consists of five layers (see the figure below). In sophisticated configurations using Management Layer functionality, each layer depends on the layers below it to work properly.

  • The Configuration Layer processes and stores all the data required for running Genesys solutions in a particular environment; it notifies clients of any configuration changes. The Configuration Layer also controls user access to a solution's functions and data.
  • The Management Layer controls the startup and status of solutions, logging of maintenance events, generation and processing of alarms, and management of application failures.
  • The User Interaction Layer provides a comprehensive user interface to configure, monitor, and control the management environment.
  • The Media Layer enables Genesys solutions to communicate across media, including traditional telephony systems, Voice over IP (VOIP), e-mail, and the Web. This layer also provides the mechanism to distribute interaction-related business data within and across solutions.
  • The Services Layer generates the statistical data used for interaction processing and contact center reporting.
Genesys Framework Architecture
A Genesys installation depends on Genesys License Reporting Manager (LRM), not shown in the diagram, for license control.
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