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Cloud Contact Information

Use one of the following methods to contact Customer Care. Please remember that only Designated Contacts can open, update and close issues any Designated Contact has raised with Customer Care (each issue a “Case”).

Phone Support is available only when there is a Critical issue to report, AND at all times (7X24) for Business Care for Cloud End Users.

It is recommended that all End Users submit Critical Cases requiring immediate attention using My Support first with a “High” priority, and then call Customer Care to raise it to “Critical” priority.

Genesys recommends that you do not escalate Cases through any other contacts that you may have in the Company.



My Support

Open and manage your End User Cases by logging into the Genesys Customer Care Portal, My Support, using the URL: http://www.genesys.com/customer-care.

For instructions on using My Support, please refer to the Case Management section.

|-| Telephone=

Customer Care Telephone Numbers

Visit the Contact Us page for regional Customer Care phone numbers.

Please remember that Customer Care provides telephone support 7x24, 365 days a year for End Users that are Business Care for Cloud Customers.

|-| Email=

Emailing Customer Care

New Cases cannot be created via Email, but you can use Email or My Support (website) to update an existing Case.

You can update an Open Case by Email if you reply to an Email originated from the Case by a Genesys Customer Care representative or to an automated Case notification. An Email originated from a Case includes a special Reference ID, which ties any reply back to the Case.

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