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Requests for Move/Add/Change/Delete (MAC/D)

If your End-User has Business Edition or Enterprise Edition, you may request a change request or MAC/D through My Support. If your End-User has Premier Edition or Outbound Engagement, you must make each MAC/D request through your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

To request a change request for a Business Edition or Enterprise Edition End-User, login to My Support and select Open a Case, then select "Service Request." Please provide as many details as possible for the required change including use Cases, if applicable. MAC/D requests will be acknowledged within one business day and accepted or rejected within two business days.

Each MAC/D acceptance notification will include an Order and an SOW for undertaking the requested MAC/D. Orders and SOWs will require mutual execution by the applicable parties before proceeding. If the MAC/D is rejected, your CSM may work with you to modify the request and for re-submission.

Each MAC/D request will be considered complete upon email notification to you of completion.

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