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About PDF Version

For your convenience, Customer Care offers a PDF version of this “Support Processes for Cloud Resellers” document. You can access the PDF Version from the menu on the left side of this Support Processes document. Click on "PDF Version" to download. This PDF Version is provided for your convenience only, so please be aware of the following:

  • We encourage you to use the online version of the “Support Processes for Cloud Resellers”; the online version will always reflect the most updated content.
  • Previously saved PDF Versions of this "Support Processes for Cloud Resellers" may not include the most current information.
  • Please read our featured news and announcements; as important updates, including changes to our Support Processes, will be posted on My Support.
  • Please note that the PDF Version may not be a 100% percent reproduction of the on-line tool; not all formatting will convert "cleanly." For example, tables could display differently in the PDF Version than they do online.
  • Embedded url or internal links will be disabled in the PDF Version.
  • All proprietary rights in and to the PDF Version, including the content thereof, will be owned and retained solely by Genesys. Please do not copy or publish the PDF Version, or any version of the Support Process for Cloud Resellers, or any part thereof other than as follows. Please distribute the PDF Version as confidential, only on an as-needed basis, retaining all Genesys markings.
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