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Predictive Routing - URS Strategy Subroutines Release Notes

Predictive Routing - URS Strategy Subroutines is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
07/19/19 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • A number of subroutines have been introduced or modified. They perform the following functions:
    • The new GPRIxnSetup subroutine initializes all the GPR KVPs with default values, setting with gpmMode to off and gpmResult to 15 (Predictive Routing is turned off or not used for this interaction). This subroutine should be configured as prestrategy in the Universal Routing Server (URS) configuration and executed for all interactions before applying any other strategy. As a result, all interactions, whether handled by GPR or not, can be reported on by configuring this subroutine. (PRR-5177)
    • The GPRIxnCompleted subroutine has been updated to include the correct value of gpmScoreAboveMedian KVP by comparing the selected agent score with the returned median score. Previously, the GPR subroutines did not send a value for this KVP. As a result, its value in the Genesys Info Mart database was always unknown. (PRR-4469)
    • The ActivatePredictiveRouting_v3 and GPRIxnCleanup subroutines have been enhanced to add connection_ids as a URL parameter in the score request and the score_log request, for easier troubleshooting in URS logs. (PRR-4443)
    • The GPRIxnCleanup subroutine now performs score log and UserEvent (KVP) distribution (previously done in the GPRIxnCompleted subroutine). This subroutine can now correctly identify abandoned interactions and interactions in which GPR was unable to route the interaction and add this information to the score log and the Genesys Info Mart gpmResult KVP, with the values 13 - Call Abandoned and 14 - Call Routing Failed. (PRR-4366)
  • The URS Strategy Subroutines now send the following new KVPs, which are stored in the Genesys Info Mart database and are available for reporting:
    • gpmAdjustedAgentScore - The final agent score used to route the associated interaction to the selected agent. This score is calculated from the gpmAgentScore combined with any agent occupancy factor.
    • gpmDefaultAgentScore - This default agent score for the associated interaction. The value is the outcome, for this interaction, of the setting specified in the default-agent-score configuration option. (PRR-4703)
    • gpmDefaultScoredAgents - The number of agents with default scores assigned for an interaction. (PRR-4859)
    • gpmDefaultScoreUsed - Indicates whether the agent score for the associated interaction is taken from the scoring response returned by GPR or the value of the default-agent-score configuration option. (PRR-4703)
    • gpmGlobalScoreCount - The number of agents scored using the Global model. This value is the content of the global_scores_count field returned by AICS in the scoring response. (PRR-4882)
    • gpmInitialScoreThreshold - The initial threshold value used for the interaction, taken from the value set in the score-base-threshold configuration option.
    • gpmFinalScoreThreshold - The final threshold value used to route the associated interaction to the selected agent. The routing strategy calculates the value from the configured score threshold combined with values resulting from any agent holdout options.
    • gpmScoreAboveMedian - Indicates whether the score for the selected agent was better than the median score for the target group.
    • gpmSuitableAgentsCount - The number of agents who had scores greater than or equal to the initial threshold value when the scoring response was received.
    • gpmPredictorType (Reserved for future use)
    • gpmRoutingMethod (Reserved for future use)
    For additional information see the following sources:
  • The gpmResult KVP now includes four new values:
    • 12 - Reserved for future use
    • 13 - Call Abandoned
    • 14 - Call Routing Failed
    • 15 - Predictive Routing is turned off or not used for this interaction
  • The value off was added to the valid values for the gpmMode KVP.
  • The gpmWaitTime value is now calculated using START_TS rather than gpm-ixn-timestamp.
  • The GetActionFilters subroutine was enhanced to identify the list of agents matching the target skill group along with the configured login status expression. This information is also reported in the action filters of the scoring request. This functionality is invoked only when the use-action-filters configuration option is set to false. (PRR-4567)
  • Two new documentation pages, Routing Scenarios Using GPR and How Does GPR Score Agents? provide detailed discussions of those aspects of GPR functionality.
  • The Deployment and Operations Guide now contains complete instructions for configuring HTTPS connections among all GPR components: Configure GPR to Use HTTPS

Resolved Issues

This release contains The following resolved issues:

URS Strategy Subroutines now correctly adds the GPR KVPs to the score_log request as attributes outside the context field, which is the format AICS expects. The GPR-related KVPs are also present in the context field, where they are populated from the interaction user data. (PRR-4787)

URS Strategy Subroutines now correctly processes the default-agent-score option. As a result, agents are correctly assigned the configured default score when GPR does not return a score. (PRR-4703)

URS Strategy Subroutines now correctly parses the mean_global_Score returned in scoring response and adds its value to the gpmGlobalScore KVP. Previously, this KVP was not correctly assigned and thus always had the default value, 0. (PRR-4600)

URS Strategy Subroutines now correctly adds the resolved context_id to the score_log request. Previously, the context_id was added to the score_log request with the ANI as its value. (PRR-4566)

The Print_Log_Message macro is now correctly included in the objects.kvlt file, which is shipped as a part of the URS Strategy Subroutines IP. Previously, this macro was inadvertently omitted. (PRR-4257)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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