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Known Issues and Recommendations

Genesys SR Service

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Genesys SR Service. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

Sometimes when upgrading from 8.5.371.19 to 8.5.371.21, a Genesys Installation wizard detected a server error message is encountered.

Workaround: If this happens, click OK to acknowledge the error. Then manually uninstall Genesys SR Service 8.5.371.19 from the Windows Add or Remove Programs option. Then install Genesys SR Service 8.5.371.21.

ID: GIR-33074 Found In: 8.5.371.19 Fixed In: 

Automatic upgrades to the 8.5.371.13 version of SRS from the previous version will not work correctly due to a change in the Signer Name and Thumbprint used to sign setup.exe. However, automatic upgrades will work correctly for the subsequent release.

ID: GIR-31914 Found In: 8.5.371.13 Fixed In: 

Screen recordings may be truncated by a few seconds at both the start and end of the recording.

Workaround: Set the fps option to a value greater than 1. Note that this will increase the size of recordings and therefore increase the bandwidth used by Screen Recording Service and the storage required for screen recording.

ID: GIR-30605 Found In: 8.5.370.93 Fixed In: 

When playing back a screen recording in SpeechMiner using Internet Explorer where the screen recording is associated with a call, the screen and voice may be slightly out of sync.

ID: GIR-30611 Found In: 8.5.370.93 Fixed In: 

If VLC crashes, SRS may fail to create screen recordings afterwards due to a problem with VLC. This would be shown in the logs with a log message like "The recording file size is too small (0 bytes)".

Workaround: Delete %APPDATA%\vlc and restart Screen Recording Service. To restart Screen Recording Service, stop and then start the Genesys SRS Service Windows Service.

ID: GIR-30594 Found In: 8.5.370.93 Fixed In: 

If a Screen Recording is long enough to be sliced, then subsequent slices of the screen recording may not be recorded.

ID: GIR-30151, GIR-30152 Found In: 8.5.370.82 Fixed In: 8.5.370.93

On Windows 10, if the screen recording is paused and then resumed, the screen recording will be lost.

ID: GIR-30144 Found In: 8.5.370.82 Fixed In: 8.5.370.93

During installation of SRS, a root certificate is created if the user chooses to use self-signed certificates. The SRS uninstaller does not remove this root certificate.

Workaround: To remove the self-signed root certificate, you can execute <INSTALL_DIR>\Certificates\Self-Signed\uninstall_certificates.bat

ID: GIR-29666 Found In: 8.5.370.78 Fixed In: 8.5.370.82

When upgrading SRS on a Windows 10 machine, the upgrade might fail.

Workaround: Restart the machine and try the upgrade again.

ID: GIR-29547 Found In: 8.5.370.78 Fixed In: 

Due to the change made to set the SameSite=None and Secure cookie attributes, the SRS session cookie returned to client applications will only be usable if an HTTPS session is used between the client application and SRS. The Secure attribute means that a client should discard the cookie if it is received on an HTTP session.

Workaround: If SRS is running in HTTP mode, ensure that you are not using the cookie for authentication purposes in the Client Polling API, and are instead supplying authorization credentials. Alternatively, change the configuration and use HTTPS for communication between the client application and SRS.

ID: GIR-29182 Found In: 8.5.370.68 Fixed In: 8.5.370.78

When the maxWidth and maxHeight parameters are set, Screen Recording Service ignores the parameters. It uses the default resolution that is set in the display settings.

ID: GIR-32036 Found In: 8.5.371.10 Fixed In: 

When the preLoadVlc parameter is set to True, Screen Recording Service fails to record properly.

Workaround: Disable this option.

ID: GIR-25244 Found In: 8.5.370.63 Fixed In: 8.5.370.68

Screen Recording Service (SRS) encounters an error and fails to complete a recording when the recording is paused or resumed.

ID: GIR-26010 Found In: 8.5.365.01 Fixed In: 8.5.366.12

When the Screen Recording Service (SRS) is configured with primary and peer Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS) sites, and if the primary RWS site is down, then SRS will not attempt to upload error logs to the peer RWS site.

ID: GIR-13495 Found In: 8.5.345.24 Fixed In: 8.5.355.61

If a screen recording session is in progress, and the agent logs out from the operating system before logging out from Workspace Web Edition (WWE), it might cause a corrupted video.

Workaround: Ensure that the agent is fully logged out before logging out of the operating system.

ID: GIR-6633 Found In: 8.5.320.64 Fixed In: 

If the RWS has CSRF enabled, the SR Service may not function properly due to handling the CSRF tokens.

Workaround: Disable CSRF on the RWS side.

ID: GIR-6539 Found In: 8.5.320.64 Fixed In: 

After the agent clicks the Pause button in WWE, there might be some latency and additional seconds of the screen may be recorded.

ID: GIR-6529 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 8.5.370.82

If the agent starts a screen recording session and switches the primary monitor to the secondary monitor on the fly, the SR Service will not be able to properly capture the screen recording on the secondary monitor.

Workaround: Do not switch the display while a recording session is in progress.

ID: GIR-6468 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 

If the RWS is running behind NGINX and an unexpected close/refresh of the WWE browser occurs, it might cause some stale connection be reported by RWS.

Workaround: Ensure that the agent manually logs in and logs out from WWE to reset the connection status.

ID: GIR-6428 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 

If the agent logs in to multiple machines at the same time and starts screen recording sessions, the VLC.exe might not stop and will became a zombie process when the call ends.

Workaround: Ensure that the agent logs in to only one machine at a time.

ID: GIR-6426 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 

The SR Service might not be uninstalled if the CANCEL button is clicked during the maintenance upgrade.

ID: GIR-6408 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 

VLC allows the user to override the default vlcPortBegin and vlcPortEnd value. If the set range is too small, an infinite loop might occur.

Workaround: Configure a large vlcPortBegin and vlcPortEnd range.

ID: GIR-6118 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 

If the SR Service (SRS) contains screen recording files in the agent's local directory, and the SRS is restarted, the recordings are not uploaded to GWS.

ID: GIR-6064 Found In: 8.5.311.13 Fixed In: 8.5.355.61

If the vlcLog parameter is set to true in the Screen Recording Service (SRS) configuration, the VLC log may not be generated if the user does not have the right permissions.

ID: GIR-6034 Found In: 8.5.310.77 Fixed In: 8.5.355.61

The SR Service parameter certificate does not take effect. As a result, the page "Select Certificate Validation Option" in the SR Service Installation Wizard does not produce the expected result.

ID: GIR-6615 Found In: 8.5.302.14 Fixed In: 8.5.350.65

If the vlcCloseTimeout parameter is configured (default 2 seconds), the SR Service will wait for the configured timeout before killing the VLC. During this time, the SR Service will not be able to start a new recording session.

ID: GIR-5997 Found In: 8.5.302.14 Fixed In: 8.5.310.84

The SR Service might sometimes fail to upload. When this occurs, the following error reporting and print exception will appear: An unexpected error has occurred in send_deferred. list index out of range.

ID: GIR-5994 Found In: 8.5.302.14 Fixed In: 8.5.311.13

When RWS has CSRF enabled, the SR Service generates an error when posting the error log to RWS with a 403 Forbidden Issue.

Workaround: Disable the CSRF on the RWS side.

ID: GIR-5997 Found In: 8.5.302.14 Fixed In: 8.5.310.84

During the SR Service (SRS) upgrade, if the SRS service is not stopped when the setup.exe is running, the rra files may remain in the SRS installation folder.

Workaround: Reboot the machine to remove the rra files.

ID: GIR-5945 Found In: 8.5.302.14 Fixed In: 8.5.350.65

If the SR Service is restarted while a recording is in progress or when trying to close a recording, an extra vlc.exe process may be left running in the system. Workaround: Stop any remaining vlc.exe processes in the Task Manager.

ID: GIR-5870 Found In: 8.5.302.11 Fixed In: 

The SR Service (SRS) prevents the installation of an older SRS version if a newer version is already installed in the system. To perform a full downgrade, uninstall the existing (newer) version of SRS before installing an older SRS version.

ID: GIR-5972 Found In: 8.5.302.10 Fixed In: 

Connection errors are not reported back from the SR Service to Web Services and Applications.

ID: GIR-4800 Found In: 8.5.302.10 Fixed In: 8.5.350.65

When a component's maximum log size is reached, that component may stop working until the next service restart.

ID: GIR-5458 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

When the maximium recorder log size is reached, the SR Service will fail to start recording.

ID: GIR-5339 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

When running auto update with updateWhen set to immediate, the following log error may appear: "Updater: An unexpected error has occurred.(6, 'WaitForSingleObject', 'The handle is invalid.')". This error can be ignored.

ID: GIR-5339 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

The update fails when configuring the softwareVersion parameter, using a single digit without a leading zero (for example, 8.5.301.1 instead of 8.5.301.01).

ID: GIR-4892 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

Working with Internet Explorer 11 can sometimes cause the SR Service to crash.

ID: GIR-4635 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.311.13

When using Firefox and HTTPS, a security warning may appear about an untrusted certificate from

Workaround: 1. Ignore the security warning. 2. Manually import SR Service certificates ( Server.pem & ServerIp6.pem located at <srs_install_dir>\Certificates) into Firefox.

ID: GIR-4621 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.350.65

When switching Workspace Web Edition in the middle of a session to a Workspace Web Edition that is not in the SR Service allowed list, a logout is triggered in the SR Service.

ID: GIR-4533 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

If the /IP6 argument is supplied to the setup.exe during installation and additional arguments also contain the IP6 string (/CERTIFICATEPASSWORDIP6), an incorrect config.json may be written, If additional arguments also contain the "IP6" string.

Update: Command line configuration has been deprecated. Therefore, this issue is no longer relevant.

ID: GIR-4450 Found In: Fixed In: 

If the SR Service is not installed from the local adminstrator account, and HTTPS is enabled on the SR Service, the Workspace Web Edition may not be able to connect to the SR Service successfully, due to an ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE error.

Workaround: Perform any one of the following procedures:

  • Reinstall the SR Service under the the local administrator account.
  • If the SR Service is installed under a different Windows account with an administrator privilege, run the following commands to import the self signed certificate under the SR Service's Certificates\Self-Signed directory:
    certutil -addstore "root" "server.crt"
    certutil -addstore "root" "serverIp6.crt"
    After the change is complete, restart the web browser.
  • Manually import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Authority from Windows Certificate Manager.
ID: GIR-4445 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

When using the installation command line to configure the SR Service and the installation folder has an empty configuration file, the config.json file will be invalid and manual editing will be required.
Update: Command line configuration has been deprecated. Therefore, this issue is no longer relevant.

ID: GIR-4427 Found In: Fixed In: 

The SR Service supports multiple users, provided that the user name is unique across all tenants / HTCCs.

ID: GIR-4412 Found In: Fixed In: 

The SR Service creates a folder with the name None in the postProcessingSavePath folder..

ID: GIR-4411 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

When a proxy is used it may interfere with the SR Service operation. The SR Service runs as an HTTP server and it relies on an incoming socket connection to identify the agent's windows session correctly. If the HTTP requests are forwarded by a proxy, the SR Service may not be able to correctly identify the user session in a multi-user environment. In a single user case, it will fall back to the currently active windows session. When the SR Service is installed on a machine with the proxy as an internal system service (such as, Antivirus\Firewall), it is recommended that the SR Service related processes (SrsProcess.exe and GenesysServiceHandler.exe) be added to the security software exception\white list. To avoid this issue, it is recommended that the localhost ( connections be excluded.

ID: GIR-4406 Found In: Fixed In: 

The Configuration Update log message may sometimes be logged to the wrong user log file.

ID: GIR-4364 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

SR Service auto update may be blocked by the Trend Micro OfficeScan Agent Anti-Virus.

Workaround: Add SR Service processes (GenesysServiceHandler.exe and SrsProcess.exe) to the antivirus exception list.

ID: GIR-4355 Found In: Fixed In: 

If a screen recording file size is larger than ~ 200MB, the recording encryption will fail and the recording will be deleted.

Workaround: Reduce the defined maxDurationMinutes configuration parameter.

ID: GIR-4250 Found In: Fixed In: 

In a Citrix environment, the SR Service only supports a single session per remote PC.

ID: GIR-3964 Found In: Fixed In: 

When using the installation command line to configure the SR Service, allowedHosts can only be configured as a single value and not as a list. The wild card can be used.
Update: Command line configuration has been deprecated. Therefore, this issue is no longer relevant.

ID: GIR-4422 Found In: Fixed In: 

Passing a configuration file during installation using the /CONFIG CLI command line switch sometimes fails. Update: Command line configuration has been deprecated. Therefore, this issue is no longer relevant.

ID: GIR-3174 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.302.10

Server TLS certificate validation is disabled by default due to issues with certain Certificate Authority verification.

ID: GIR-3019 Found In: Fixed In:

When updating the SR Service using the full setup version, a manual uninstall and install is required. The auto updater does not work correctly.

ID: GIR-2056 Found In: Fixed In:

  • When Web Services and Applications is deployed with a self-signed certificate, those certificates must be imported into the Windows Local Computer Trusted Root Certificate Store.
  • If Web Services and Applications is deployed with GoDaddy certificates, HTTPS verification may fail. Please refer to Solution Guide for a workaround and a solution.
ID: GIR-3023 Found In: Fixed In: 

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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