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Sets the values of timeouts to be used in an HA configuration that is opened with Syncmode. In each case T-Library blocks certain operations according to the values of parameters set with TSetParamHA() until a specific notification is received.

The available parameters are:

  • connect_timeout–a limit on the time spent trying to (re)connect to a remote server (not including the time used for DNS lookup).
  • switchover_timeout–the time T-Library will wait before switching over to backup after losing a connection with primary T-Server.
  • reconnect_interval–the interval between successive attempts to reconnect to backup T-Server.


Name Description
key Timeout-related parameter to be set with TSetParamHA(). Possible values consist of connect_timeout, switchover_timeout, reconnect_attempts (obsolete–ignored by T-Library), and reconnect_interval.
value A value for the parameter identified in key. The integer here should take into account the specific key used.

Return Values

Standard (See standard-return-values.)

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