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type def enum TPartyState_tag{
	PtState_NULL		= 0,
	PtState_Initiated		= 0x0001,
	PtState_Queued		= 0x0009,
	PtState_Alerting		= 0x000A,
	PtState_Busy		= 0x000B,
	PtState_Connected		= 0x000C,
	PtState_CP_Detect		= 0x000D,
	PtState_Held		= 0x000E,
	PtState_Failed		= 0x000F,
	PtState_NoListen		= 0x0010,
	PtState_NoTalk		= 0x0020,
	PtState_Bridged		= 0x0040,
	PtState_Audit		= 0x0080,
	PtState_SvcObserving	= 0x00A0,
	PtState_TreatmentReq	= 0x0100,
	PtState_Treatment		= 0x0200,
	PtState_Routing		= 0x0800,
	PtStateMod_Dialing		= 0x10000,
	PtStateMod_Uncertain	= 0x20000,
} TPartyState;


  • PtState_Initiated — A call has been initiated on behalf of a device, but that device has not been connected to the call yet.
  • PtState_Queued — A call is queued on a given device, and the call awaits the availability of some service (for example, ACD queue distribution) or of some device (for example, a phone line).
  • PtState_Alerting — A call is alerting on a device, indicating an incoming call (for example, the phone is ringing); or a call is in the process of being distributed to a destination (for example, is being processed by the telephony network).
  • PtState_Busy — A call cannot reach the intended device, which is busy.
  • PtState_Connected — A given device has a voice connection with other participants.
  • PtState_CP_Detected — The originating device (a queue or route point) for a predictive dialing call is between the initiation of the call (EventDialing has been sent) and the moment when the call is either queued or released.
  • PtState_Held — A device has temporarily suspended its connection to other call participants.
  • PtState_Failed — A call originating on a given device has not succeeded (either the dialed number is wrong, or the switch was not able to allocate the trunk). This state is used instead of Busy when a destination party was never created for the call.
  • PtState_NoListen — A party cannot hear other participants on the call.
  • PtState_NoTalk — A party is muted, and other participants on the call do not hear that party.
  • PtState_Bridged — A party is attached to the call with the "Bridged Call Appearance" feature.
  • PtState_Audit — A party is attached to a call as "Service Observer" or "Service Assistant."
  • PtState_SvcObserving — A party is attached to a call as "Service Observer" or "Service Assistant" and is muted such that other participants on the call do not hear that party.
  • PtState_TreatmentReq — The switch is waiting for a treatment to be applied to the call.
  • PtState_Treatment — A treatment has been applied while the call is located on a given device.
  • PtState_Routing — The switch is waiting for routing instructions.
  • PtStateMod_Dialing — A telephony object related to a party has completed a dialing sequence.
  • PtStateMod_Uncertain — A telephony object related to a party is in an unknown state.
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