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typedef enum TNetworkDestState_tag {
	NetworkDestStateUnknown		= 0,
	NetworkDestStateRouting		= 1,
	NetworkDestStateDelivering		= 2,
	NetworkDestStateNoParty		= 3,
	NetworkDestStateOk			= 4
} TNetworkDestState;


  • NetworkDestStateUnknown — For a network call, the state of the destination DN is unknown.
  • NetworkDestStateRouting — A consultation has been requested on a route point. This state is entered when the EventRouteRequest is sent.
  • NetworkDestStateDelivering — Either a consultation request has been made directly to a DN, or TRouteCall() has been received from URS. NetworkDestStateDelivering is entered when a consultation request is sent to the network device.
  • NetworkDestStateNoPartyNetworkDestStateNoParty = NetworkDestStateFailed. The consultation call failed to reach the intended destination (for instance, because of a busy condition), or the consulted party has disconnected from the call.
  • NetworkDestStateOk — The consultation call has been connected to its destination.
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