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typedef enum TNetworkCallState_tag {
	NetworkCallStateUnknown		= 0,
	NetworkCallStateConsulting		= 1,
	NetworkCallStateConsultHeld		= 2,
	NetworkCallStateTransferred		= 3,
	NetworkCallStateConferenced		= 4,
	NetworkCallStateReconnected		= 5,
	NetworkCallStateDisconnected	= 6,
	NetworkCallStateNull		= 7
} TNetworkCallState;


  • NetworkCallStateUnknown — The network call state is unknown.
  • NetworkCallStateConsulting — The original call is on hold, and a consultation leg for the call has been added. (Depending on the call’s NetworkDestState, this leg may be logical, corresponding to the call being routed by URS. Or the call may exist physically on the network device in an initiated or connected state.)
  • NetworkCallStateConsultHeld — A network consultation call has been parked, with Agent 1 reconnected to the origination party. Or, the consultation request has been made so as not to interrupt the active conversation (usually applicable to targets that URS selects).
  • NetworkCallStateTransferred — The network call has been transferred to Agent 2, and Agent 1 has been dropped from the call.
  • NetworkCallStateConferenced — Three parties have been bridged for a network consultation call.
  • NetworkCallStateReconnected — After a network consultation, the call has been reconnected to the original target, and the consult leg has been dropped.
  • NetworkCallStateDisconnected — The party to the network consultation call has disconnected. However, the network device has not ended the call, but has instead connected the two agents.
  • NetworkCallStateNull — The caller has disconnected from the call. The network device is about to drop the call, or has dropped it already.
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