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typedef enum {
	AgentWorkModeUnknown	= 0,
	AgentManualIn		= 1,
	AgentAutoIn		= 2,
	AgentLegalGuard		= AgentAutoIn,
	AgentAfterCallWork		= 3,
	AgentAuxWork		= 4,
	AgentNoCallDisconnect	= 5,
	AgentWalkAway		= 6,
	AgentReturnBack		= 7
} TAgentWorkMode;


  • AgentWorkModeUnknown — The agent work mode is unknown or not specified.

Ready States

  • AgentManualIn — The agent has to perform a manual operation to become available.
  • AgentAutoIn — The switch’s control system decides agent availability.
  • AgentReturnBack — The agent has indicated his return to the agent workstation.

Not Ready States

  • AgentAfterCallWork — If the agent work mode is set to AgentManualIn, this status specifies the condition assigned to the agent after the previous call has cleared and before the agent becomes available to receive the next call.
  • AgentAuxWork — The agent is not ready to receive calls (specific to the Avaya Communication Manager).
  • AgentLegalGuard — The switch’s control system decides agent availability. (This is equivalent to AgentAutoIn, but as a sub state of Not Ready.)
  • AgentNoCallDisconnect — The agent work mode is set to NoCallDisconnect rather than the default value. (See specifics of NoCallDisconnect IE in Meridian Link Release 5 Interface Specification).
  • AgentWalkAway — The agent has solicited a request not to be available for receiving calls, and is away from the agent station.
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