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typedef union {
	AssociationInfoType		AssociationStatus;
	AddressStatusInfoType		AddressStatus;
	MsgWaitingInfoType			MsgWaitingStatus;
	TForwardMode			CallForwardingStatus;
	TAgentWorkMode			AgentStatus;
	int				NumberOfAgentsInQueue;
	int				NumberOfAvailableAgentsInQueue;
	int				NumberOfCallsInQueue;
	TAddressType			AddressType
	TForwardMode			SendAllCallsStatus;
	int				NumberOfIdleClassifiers;
	int				NumberOfClassifiersInUse;
	int				NumberOfIdleTrunks;
	int				NumberOfTrunksInUse;
	int				NumberOfListElements;
} TAddressInfoStatus;


  • AssociationStatus — See AssociationInfoType.
  • AddressStatus — See AddressStatusInfoType.
  • MsgWaitingStatus — See MsgWaitingInfoType.
  • CallForwardingStatus — See TForwardMode.
  • AgentStatus — See TAgentWorkMode.
  • NumberOfAgentsInQueue — Specifies the number of agents currently logged in a queue.
  • NumberOfAvailableAgentsInQueue — Specifies the number of agents in a queue currently ready to receive a call.
  • NumberOfCallsInQueue — Specifies the number of calls in a queue.
  • AddressType — See TAddressType.
  • SendAllCallsStatus — See TForwardMode.
  • NumberOfIdleClassifiers — Specifies the number of idle classifiers.
  • NumberOfClassifiersInUse — Specifies the number of classifiers in use.
  • NumberOfIdleTrunks — Specifies the number of idle trunks.
  • NumberOfTrunksInUse — Specifies the number of trunks in use.
  • NumberOfListElements — Specifies the number of list elements. The value is passed in the TEvent attribute Extensions.
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