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Although listed here, certain components of the TEvent structure are reserved for internal use only.


typedef struct TEvent_tag {
	enum TMessageType		Event;
	TServer			Server;
	int			ReferenceID;
	char			*HomeLocation;
	char			*CustomerID;
	TConnectionID		ConnID;
	TConnectionID		PreviousConnID;
	TCallID			CallID;
	int			NodeID;
	TCallID			NetworkCallID;
	int			NetworkNodeID;
	TCallHistoryInfo		CallHistory;
	TCallType			CallType;
	TCallState		CallState;
	TAgentID			AgentID;
	TAgentWorkMode		WorkMode;
	long			ErrorCode;
	char			*ErrorMessage;
	TFile			FileHandle;
	char			*CollectedDigits;
	char			LastCollectedDigit;
	TDirectoryNumber		ThisDN;
	TDirectoryNumber		ThisQueue;
	unsigned long		ThisTrunk;
	TDNRole			ThisDNRole;
	TDirectoryNumber		OtherDN;
	TDirectoryNumber		OtherQueue;
	unsigned long		OtherTrunk;
	TDNRole			OtherDNRole;
	TDirectoryNumber		ThirdPartyDN;
	TDirectoryNumber		ThirdPartyQueue;
	unsigned long		ThirdPartyTrunk;
	TDNRole			ThirdPartyDNRole;
	TDirectoryNumber		DNIS;
	TDirectoryNumber		ANI;
	TAddressInfoType		InfoType;
	TAddressInfoStatus		InfoStatus;
	TTreatmentType		TreatmentType;
	TRouteType		RouteType;
	char			*ServerVersion;
	TServerRole		ServerRole;
	TMask			Capabilities;
	TKVList			*UserData;
	TKVList			*Reasons;
	TKVList			*Extensions;
	TTimeStamp		Time;
	void			*RawData;
	TDirectoryNumber		AccessNumber;
	TXRouteType		XRouteType;
	TReferenceID		XReferenceID;
	TKVList			*TreatmentParameters;
	char			*Place;
	int			Timeout;
	TMediaType		MediaType;
	TLocationInfoType		LocationInfo;
	TMonitorNextCallType	MonitorNextCallType;
	TPrivateMsgType		PrivateEvent;
	/* Application data (set by TSetApplicationData) */
	void			*ApplicationData;
} TEvent;
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