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New in Release 8.5.2

This page describes the major changes to the Genesys Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Administrator User's Guide in release 8.5.2. To help you understand when Genesys released specific new features or functionality for Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor, or when certain updates or corrections were made to this Guide, information on this page is grouped release numbers.

Introduced with Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor Release

  • The Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor dashboards have been re-designed. See the Genesys Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor Help for detailed information. Changes to the dashboards include the following:
    • The dashboards now include an Alerts pane in which to view detailed information about alerts. This replaces the Alerts pop-up window. The Alerts pane provides all the information that was previously available in the Alerts window.
    • The Metric Graphing window has been streamlined. You no longer open a separate pane in which to re-arrange the display order of metrics. You can change the order in which metrics display on the graph, as well as the color and graph type for each metric, within the main Metric Graphing window.
    • The dashboards now include a Library drop-down menu in the toolbar for users who have access to Column Chooser. Users can use the drop-down menu to switch between saved metrics libraries without having to launch the Column Chooser window.
    See the Contact Center Advisor & Workforce Advisor Release Note for more information.
  • You can now configure DN Groups as applications for use in Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor (CCAdv/WA). DN Groups provide an aggregated view of the underlying queues. Consider the use of DN Groups as applications for CCAdv/WA in enterprises where it is sufficient to monitor activity at the "groups of queues" level, rather than drilling down to the individual queue level. In enterprises that have a very large number or queues, configuring DN Groups as applications, instead of queues as applications, can reduce the administrative maintenance effort and can improve system performance.
    Similar to queues that are configured as applications, you can use the DN Group applications to build the CCAdv business hierarchy on the Application Configuration page of the administration module. The DN groups object name has been added to the list of object types in the Filters section of the Base Object Configuration page to allow you to make the DN groups available on the Application Configuration page.
    To create source metrics that are applicable to DN Groups, you now have the option to choose the GroupQueues object in the Source Metric manager.
    For information about creating DN Groups, see the Genesys Administrator Extension Help.
  • You can now create custom metrics for the SMS media type.
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