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Switches and Peripherals

A switch/peripheral is a communications interface between a call distributor and call router.

The following screenshot shows the Switches/Peripherals page in the Administration module.

Switches/Peripherals Page

The Switches/Peripherals page displays both Cisco TDM logical interface controllers and Genesys switches.

Switches and peripherals are added automatically to Advisors when you run Contact Center Advisor XML Generator.

The Switches/Peripherals page allows you to make a switch or peripheral active or inactive as far as Advisors is concerned. This setting doesn't have any effect on the switch or peripheral.

Applications and agent groups related to the inactive switches/peripherals will not be used by Contact Center Advisor or Workforce Advisor.

The page also shows the contact centers related to the switch. An administrator assigns a switch/peripheral to a contact center indirectly. The assignment happens when a user assigns an application to a contact center. If the application belongs to a switch/peripheral, the contact center appears on the Switches/Peripherals page as related to the corresponding switch/peripheral.

Procedure: Activate Switches and Peripherals


  1. To make a switch or peripheral active or inactive:
    1. Select from the list, or search and select, to display the details of a switch/peripheral.
    2. Select Yes to activate the switch or peripheral, or No to make it inactive.
  2. Click the Save button.
    A confirmation message displays and the assignment and active status displays in the list.
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