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Metric Manager

Starting in release 8.5.0, the Metric Manager label in the Administration Module is a section heading, and is not a link to a page. The Report Metrics page replaces the Metric Manager of earlier releases.

The Metric Manager section of the Advisors Administration module contains two pages:

  • Source Metrics
  • Report Metrics

What are Source Metrics and Report Metrics?

A report metric is a metric used in the dashboard of one of the reporting applications. In Advisor release 8.5.0, this refers to a metric used in the dashboard of either Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor or Frontline Advisor.

A source metric is the definition of the metric in the source system, such as Genesys Stat Server.

See Terminology below for detailed definitions.

Custom Metrics Support

Starting in release 8.5.0, you can create and update custom metrics for application, agent group, and agent objects for the Contact Center Advisor and Frontline Advisor.


Genesys does not support the creation of new custom metrics for the WA application.

Access to metrics must be configured by an administrator in Genesys Configuration Server. Data relating to or dependent on metrics to which a user does not have access permissions does not display for that user. For information about role-based access control (RBAC) privileges related to metric management actions, see CCAdv/WA Access Privileges and FA Access Privileges.


The following terminology is used in the descriptions of the Source Metrics and Report Metrics pages of the Administration module.

  • The Application object type means the base object types of queue, interaction queue, calling list, call type, or service, for CCAdv.
  • A Raw Report Metric is a report metric that is created from a source metric. When creating a raw report metric, you must select a source metric. The source metrics available for selection are the Genesys source metrics that are created and maintained using the Source Metric Manager. Only the source metrics that correspond to the object type you selected are available when creating a raw report metric.
  • A Calculated Report Metric is a report metric expressed as a formula involving one or more raw report metrics as operands. The format options specified for the calculated report metric override any format options specified for the individual raw report metric used to build the calculated report metric. A source metric cannot be directly associated with a calculated report metric.
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