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Notes about the Interface

Asterisks (*) indicate required fields.

  • The date format is MM/DD/YYYY.
  • The time format is HH:MM using the 24-hour clock.
  • The e-mail address format is username@company.com.
  • To search a list of items in a table, type any valid character string from the item’s name in the Search field, then click the icon beside the field. The items that match the entered string display. For example, typing nv will display Denver. To display the whole list again, click the x beside the Search field.

The search functionality is not available on the Alerts pages.

Where paging is implemented, to navigate to the next or previous page in the returned list, click the arrows in the paging control at the bottom right of the table; to navigate to the first or last page in the returned list, click the double arrows in the paging control.

The Administration module is available in English only.

New3.png Genesys recommends that you disable Compatibility View mode for Advisors if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser.

New3.png Starting in Advisors release 8.5.1, you can open Advisors dashboards in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. If you open multiple Advisors sessions simultaneously, ensure you use one type of browser. For example, if you are running Contact Center Advisor in Google Chrome, and you want to open another Contact Center Advisor session or a Workforce Advisor session in another browser tab or window, then that browser must also be Chrome. Similarly, if you want to open multiple Frontline Advisor sessions, you must open all in the same type of browser.
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