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Manual Alerts

Manual alerts allow for the distribution of information to Advisor users. These manual alerts are useful for quickly disseminating information to the field through the dashboard.

The Alerts page allows you to add an alert message manually. The alerts display, based on the users’ viewing rights, in the Alerts map and the Alerts pane in CCAdv and WA. The following screenshot shows the Alerts page.

Alerts Page

There are two types of manual alerts:

  • Business alerts (B)
  • Technical alerts (T)

There are two alert severities:

  • 1 (critical - red)
  • 2 (warning - yellow)

If both an agent group contact center and a network contact center are selected for the manual alert, two alerts display on the map; that is, if the network contact center has latitude and longitude coordinates.

If both an agent group contact center and a network contact center are selected for the manual alert, the network contact center alert and the agent group contact center alert display in the Alerts panel.

If only an agent group contact center is selected, the agent group contact center alert displays in the Alerts panel.

Access to contact centers must be configured by an administrator in Genesys Configuration Server (Role-based Access Control (RBAC)). Data relating to or depending on contact centers to which users have no permissions will not be displayed.

Procedure: Add a Manual Alert


  1. Click New.
  2. Enter the text of the alert message. The text should be no longer than 24 characters.
    The text displays in the carousel and the Alerts panel on the dashboard.
  3. Type the alert message.
  4. Choose the alert type.
  5. Choose the alert severity.
  6. To determine the duration of the displayed message, type the expiration date and the expiration time.
  7. To choose the affected contact centers, select the associated check boxes.
  8. To add the alert, click Save.
    A confirmation message displays. The alert displays in the Alerts panel.

Procedure: Update a Manual Alert


  1. Type the updated message.
    You can only update the message.
  2. Click the Save button when complete.
    A message confirms the update.

Procedure: Delete a Manual Alert

Purpose: Deleting a manual alert removes it from the Alerts list and from the dashboard.


  1. Click the Delete button beside the alert to be deleted.
    A confirmation window displays.
  2. To confirm the deletion, click OK.
    A message confirms the deletion.
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