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New in This Release

For information about earlier releases of Orchestration Server, see the section "Orchestration Server 8.x Migration" of the Genesys Migration Guide.

New Features in ORS 8.1.4

  • An Orchestration/Interaction Server protocol extension enhances the mechanism of getting the appropriate interactions for processing from Interaction Server. With enhanced pulling, the pull mechanism uses the strategy name and allows different priorities to be set for different types of interactions. This enhanced pull mechanism can result in improvements in performance and reliability.
    • The enhanced pulling functionality requires Composer 8.1.4 and Interaction Server 8.5.1. Other eServices components can be 8.5.0.
    • ORS retrieves the SCXML-based routing application from an application server and an interaction process diagram for this SCXML-based application must be published into Configuration Server using Composer 8.1.4.
  • Orchestration Server supports Submitter objects configured in Composer. Submitters supply parameters that control how Interaction Server submits multimedia interactions to Orchestration Server.
  • An Orchestration Server protocol extension supports the attachment of Virtual Queue data to multimedia interactions. The attached user data can then be used by a Reporting Solution, such as Genesys Info Mart. This feature requires Universal Routing Server 8.1.4.
  • Orchestration Server supports activation/deactivation of any specific routing strategy.
  • Orchestration Server can now directly connect to Configuration Server and pull data. For example, when executing the GetListItemValue function, Orchestration Server can pull data without going through Universal Routing Server.
  • Orchestration Servers configured as an High Availabilty pair can automatically synchronize voice treatment request data, thereby ensuring a smooth switchover.
  • Orchestration Server can now terminate a session when the ixn.redirect action is successfully completed, and there is no other associated interaction attached to that session during the configured timeout. This functionality is enabled by the new Application-level option, ixnfm-idle-session-ttl, in the orchestration section.

Changes in Previous Releases

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