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ORS Migration Procedure from 8.1.2 to 8.1.4

  1. Export current configuration options to a configuration file.
    • In Configuration Manager, open the Properties dialog box for the ORS Application object. Starting in ORS 8.0, Genesys Administrator can also be used for configuration. Refer to the Genesys Administrator 8.1 Help for more information.
    • From the Options tab, export the current configuration options to a configuration file. This new configuration file can also be used for rollback purposes, if needed. See “Orchestration Server, Rolling Back the Installation” for more information.
  2. Delete options not used.
    • Delete option orchestration/mcr-pull-by-msn-only.
    • Delete section cluster with options name and super_node.
    • Delete option orchestration/get-list-item-by-urs, which is replaced by functions-by-urs.
  3. Configure High Availability as described in detail in the General Deployment section of the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide, Redundancy section. In summary:
    • For each instance of the Primary Orchestration Server Application, create a Backup Application with the same connectivity and configuration settings as its Primary Application.
    • In the Primary Application, specify the ORS Backup with the Warm Standby Redundancy type.
  4. Configure the ORS cluster. See the Configuring an ORS_Cluster section in the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide.
  5. Install Apache Cassandra as described in the Cassandra Installation/Configuration Guide. ORS 8.1.4 requires Apache Cassandra 1.1.x beginning with version 1.1.12.
  6. Configure ORS persistence as described in the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide.
    Note: Starting with 8.1.3 Orchestration Server, connection with Cassandra is not mandatory if you do not want to use persistence storage in your deployment.
  7. Set the Cassandra configuration options in the Orchestration Server persistence section as described in the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide. See the Configuration Options topic.
    • cassandra-keyspace-name: Specify the name of Cassandra keyspace.
    • cassandra-schema-version: Enter the Cassandra schema version.
    • cassandra-strategy-class: Set to SimpleStrategy if Cassandra is deployed as a single cluster. Set to NetworkTopologyStrategy in the case of Data Centers Cassandra cluster deployment.
    • cassandra-strategy-options: Set the replication factor for a given keyspace.
  8. As described in the Interaction Server Options section of the eServices 8.5 Reference Manual, configure the ORS Application to work with multimedia interactions (if needed).
    • Set the orchestration/mcr-pull-by-this-node option to true if ORS should work with multimedia interactions.
    • Set the orchestration/mcr-pull-limit option to define the maximum number of pulled interactions that ORS may handle at once.
  9. Install Orchestration Server 8.1.4 as described in the Installation section of the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide.

    Note: You have the option of performing a migration procedure without significant loss of data or impact to business operations. For more information, see HA ORS 8.1.4 Migration Procedure when Persistence Enabled. This applies if you have Orchestration Server 8.1.3 installed and are upgrading to a later version. It also applies when migrating from Orchestration Server 8.1.3 to 8.1.4.
  10. Test your ORS deployment.
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