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Configuration Option Changes

Orchestration Server 8.1.4 option changes are summarized below.

New 8.1.4 Options

  • backup-synch-max-age -- specifies the maximum buffer size, in KB, for synch messages in the primary ORS.
  • ixnfm-idle-session-ttl to eliminate the possibility of the scenario where an SCXML session session gets “stuck" in memory.
  • mcr-queue-on-fails to eliminate the possibility of an interaction not being added to a queue if session creation for multimedia interactions fails.

Options Added After the Initial 8.1.3 Release

Options added after the 8.1.3 Orchestration Server Migration Guide was published, which are described in the Orchestration section of the ORS 8.1.x Release Note, but which were not included in the Orchestration section of the Genesys Migration Guide, are as follows:

For detailed information on these options, see the Options section of the Orchestration Server 8.1.4 Deployment Guide.
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