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Upload media icon




PUT /icons/<tenant_dbid>/<media_type>

Request Body

    "content_type": "<content_type>",
    "name": "<icon_file_name>",
    "encoding": "base64",
    "data": "<icon_data_encoded_with_encoding_method>"


  • Animated GIF images may be uploaded, but they are not guaranteed to work correctly. Especially if resizing is necessary on the server, the image is assumed to be static and saved as PNG.
  • "name" is optional. It must be up to 255 characters long. In case of resizing, a new name is being created.
  • Depending on a back-end database management system a missing name may be returned later as an empty string or omitted.
  • "encoding" is optional—if it is missing, "base64" is assumed, as that is currently the only option.
  • "content_type" must be one of the supported image content types.
  • "media_type" must be one of media types defined on the configuration server and also it must be up to 255 characters long.
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