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Update user settings




PUT /user_settings

Request Body

    "timezone": {
        "value": "<current_TZ_value>"    // for example "America/Chicago"
    "language": "<language_ID_string>",                // for example "fr-CA" (IETF notation recommended)
    "date_time_format": "<date_time_format_string>",   // for example "yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss Z"
    "date_format": "<date_format_string>",             // for example "yyyy/MM/dd"
    "first_day_of_week": "<SUNDAY|MONDAY>"            // default: MONDAY


  • It is also possible to use the full data format as returned by the GET method. In this case, all the unnecessary properties are ignored.
  • current_tenant_dbid is considered a read-only property; it can be changed by a separate request.

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