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Automatic logout

The iWD Manager server session expires after a time period set up in the configuration. Every http request sent to API resets the session expiration timer.


  • GET
  • POST


There is a special request just to keep the session alive:

GET /api/session/idle



HTTP 204 No content

There is also another API request to automatic logout:

POST /api/session/autologout


HTTP 302 Found


  • The Location header redirects to the login page (with reason=sessionExpired).
  • The difference between automatic and the normal logout requests is in a logout reason responding back to the front-end. The automatic logout request redirects to the login screen with the reason "session expired" and the normal logout - with "logged out successfully".
  • In every response a special cookie "SESSIONLIFETIME=<timestamp>_<lifetime>" is applied where the front-end is able to find necessary information to use the automatic logout and keeping alive mechanism.
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