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Fetch list of all available task attributes for quick filters in GTL




GET /gtl/attributes/<solution_dbid>

Response Body

    "name": "<attribute name>",
    "column_label": "<localized column label>",
    "filter_label": "<localized attribute label used in filter conditions>",
    "type": "<string/date/int/img/list>",
          "value": "<name or value>",
          "label": "<display name>"
    "category": "core/ext/data",
    "filterable": true/false,
    "editable_list": true/false


  • The data format is the same for all the three types of requests, but the lists are different.
  • Lists of attributes for filter definitions will be selected for a given tenant. Available values for "list" attributes are also tenant-specific.
  • The list of attributes for quick filter in GTL is specific for a selected solution. Available values are also solution-specific.
  • All the lists of attributes should be sorted by filter_label or column_label.
  • All the lists of available values should be sorted by label.
  • filter_label should be used to display the attribute in filter criteria and in quick filters on GTL. column_label should be used to define a column in a filter. In most cases both labels are the same, but some attributes (of type date) should be displayed with different labels as a column title and in filter criteria. For example, "Activated D/T" and "Activated Date", respectively.
  • values will be used only for the type "list". If true, a user should be allowed to type in a value that is not on the list.
  • editable_list will be used only for the type "list".
  • Attribute names are those used by iWD Manager internally (for example, createdDateTime and not received_at). They may differ from those used by Interaction Server. The databse attribute names, defined in Interaction Custom Properties/Values/<property>/annex/translation/translate-to, should not be exposed by the API and will be used only internally to execute queries.
  • filterable indicates if an attribute can be used in filter criteria or in quick filters. All attributes received in response to queries /gtl/attributes and /filter/attributes have filterable set to true. Some attributes received in response to the query /filter/columns have filterable set to false.
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