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EVENT_TIME Dimension

The EVENT_TIME dimension—like EVENT_DATE—is a static dimension that stores time information with minute-level granularity.

The EVENT_TIME Dimension
Field Data Type Description
EVENT_TIME_KEY int Primary key of this table.
EVENT_TIME_24 varchar(6) 24-hour time, stored in HHMM format—for example, “2301” (for 11:01 PM).
EVENT_TIME_12 varchar(8) 12-hour time, including AM or PM—for example, “1101PM”.
TIME_INTERVAL_15MIN int The 15-minute interval in which the time falls (1–96).
TIME_INTERVAL_30MIN int The 30-minute interval in which the time falls (1–48).
TIME_INTERVAL_60MIN int The 60-minute interval in which the time falls (1–24).
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