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Tasks are captured through a capture point that is configured in iWD GAX Plug-in. Capture point information is stored in the CAPTURE_POINT dimension which is populated from task information.

Field Data Type Description
CAPTURE_POINT_KEY int Primary key of this table.
CAPTURE_POINT_CONFIG_ID int iWD GAX Plug-in ID for the capture point.
CAPTURE_POINT_CONFIG_EVENT_ID int Event that created or updated the capture point record.
CAPTURE_POINT_RUNTIME_ID varchar(255) iWD GAX Plug-in runtime ID for the capture point.
TENANT_KEY int Key to the TENANT dimension, identifying the tenant with whom the capture point is associated.
SOLUTION_KEY int Key to the SOLUTION dimension.
CAPTURE_POINT_NAME varchar(255) Descriptive name of the capture point.
CAPTURE_POINT_TYPE varchar(255) Type of capture point, such as Web Service Capture Point, Database Capture Point, and XML File Capture Point.
CREATED_ETL_AUDIT_KEY int Key to the ETL_AUDIT dimension, identifying the ETL job that created this record.
UPDATED_ETL_AUDIT_KEY int Key to the ETL_AUDIT dimension, identifying the ETL job that last updated this record.
VALID_FROM datetime The date from which this capture point is valid.
VALID_TO datetime The date until which this capture point is valid.
VERSION int Version of the record.
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