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EVENT_DATE Dimension

The EVENT_DATE dimension is a static dimension that stores information about dates. The ETL Initialize job populates this table determining date values from your system’s locale settings.

The EVENT_DATE Dimension
Field Data Type Description
EVENT_DATE_KEY int Primary key of this table.
EVENT_DATE datetime Date of the event in “YYYY-M-D 0:0:0.0” format.
DAY_NAME varchar(32) Text name of the day (“Monday”, “Tuesday”, and so on).
DAY_NUM_IN_WEEK int Day of the week (1–7).
DAY_NUM_IN_MONTH int Day of the month (1–31).
DAY_NUM_IN_YEAR int Day of the year (1–366).
WEEK_NUM_IN_YEAR int Week number of the year (1–53).
WEEK_START_DATE datetime Date of the first day of the week in “YYYY-M-D 0:0:0. 0” format.
WEEK_END_DATE datetime Date of the last day of the week in “YYYY-M-D 0:0:0. 0” format.
MONTH_NAME varchar(32) Text name of the month—for example, “January”.
MONTH_NUM_IN_YEAR int Month of the year (1–12).
QUARTER_NUM_IN_YEAR int Quarter (1–4).
YEAR_NUM int Year—for example, 2011.
EVENT_DATE_STR varchar(10) String representation of the date in "YYYY-MM-DD" format
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