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This section describes problems that you might encounter when starting or running your Interaction Concentrator (ICON) application, and how to resolve them.


To avoid a wide range of startup and runtime problems, observe the following restrictions:

  • Do not disconnect ICON from Configuration Server during startup.
  • Do not change any connections on the Connections tab of the ICON Application during runtime.

Startup Problems

The following are the most common startup problems:

[+] ICON does not connect to the Configuration Server
[+] ICON Exits at Startup

Runtime Problems

The following are the most common runtime problems:

[+] ICON does not connect to T-Server or Interaction Server
[+] ICON Does Not Receive Call-Related Events from T-Server
[+] ICON Does Not Write Information to the Database
[+] ICON Has Lost Synchronization with the Configuration Database
[+] ICON Does Not Function Correctly

Merge Problems

The most common problems encountered in executing the merge procedure (gsysIRMerge or gsysIRMerge2) are as follows:

For more information about the merge procedure, “Merge Stored Procedure”in the Interaction Concentrator 8.1 User’s Guide.

[+] Merge Procedure Does Not Complete Successfully
[+] Merge Procedure Does Not Execute
[+] Merge Procedure Performance Is Slow or Unstable

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