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Planning Your Deployment

This chapter lists the prerequisites for Interaction Concentrator deployment. It also provides other primary information that you need in order to plan an Interaction Concentrator (ICON) installation, including information about compatibility with other Genesys components.


This section lists the various Genesys components with which Interaction Concentrator release 8.1 is compatible. For information about supported operating systems and relational database management systems (RDBMSs), see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide. Note that Oracle versions 8.1 and earlier are not supported.

The table below lists the Genesys product components with which Interaction Concentrator operates. Refer to Interaction Concentrator 8.1 Release Note for any updates to the release requirements for the various components.

Area of Functionality Component/Product
Configuration Layer Configuration Server release 7.2 or higher
  • DB Server release 7.2 or higher

Note: Configuration Server 7.2 does not support all ICON functionality. In particular, the configuration synchronization feature requires Configuration Server release 7.5 or higher; do not attempt to use this feature with Configuration Server release 7.2.

Management Layer Message Server release 7.1 or higher
  • Local Control Agent release 7.1 or higher
T-Server T-Server release 7.2 or higher

Note: The feature to determine which party released the call requires T-Server release 8.0 or higher, and is supported for the Alcatel A4400/OXE switch and Avaya switches (requires Avaya Communication Manager or higher).

eServices (formerly Multimedia or Multi-Channel Routing (MCR)) eServices Interaction Server release 7.5 or higher

Note: To configure the total number of keep-in-memory interactions that can reside concurrently in an interaction queue or interaction workbin requires Interaction Server release 7.6.1 or higher.

Outbound Contact Outbound Contact release 7.2 or higher

Note: If you use OCS 7.2 as the data source, attached data is not automatically linked to the call record. You must specially configure attached data to be linked.

Universal Routing Universal Routing Server release 7.2 or higher

Note: For virtual queue reporting, the minimum required version of Universal Routing Server is release


Interaction Concentrator has important specific requirements noted in the following subsections. Before you install Interaction Concentrator, review the requirements and recommendations in these subsections.

[+] Hosting
[+] Genesys Framework
[+] Telephony Objects
[+] T-Server
[+] Outbound Contact
[+] Universal Routing
[+] Multimedia
[+] Interaction Database
[+] Security Features

General Considerations

Interaction Concentrator is flexible enough to fit any contact center. When planning a deployment, evaluate your environment and your reporting needs. Review the main deployment scenarios in Deployment Scenarios, and answer the following questions:

  • How many ICON servers do you need, and what data should each ICON instance handle? From what sources will the data come to a given ICON instance?
  • How many Interaction Databases do you need, and what data will each IDB instance store? Which ICON instances will store the data into a particular IDB instance? In the case of multiple IDB instances, will you need to deploy a centralized IDB, and, if so, from which subset of IDBs will data be merged into the centralized IDB? How often should the merge procedure be run?
  • How many DB Server applications do you need, if you deploy multiple IDB instances? Will any of these DB Server instances handle database requests for servers other than ICON?
  • How many Database Access Point (DAP) applications do you need? What data will each particular ICON instance store through each DAP?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the Interaction Concentrator deployment topology and the main configuration settings for all components.

Database Sizing

The size of your IDB depends on your deployment scenario, including such factors as typical call flows, attached data storage, values configured for storing outbound data in custom or secure fields, and the amount of time that records will be retained in the database.

Genesys provides an interactive tool to help you estimate the required size of your IDB. This tool, the Interaction Concentrator 8.1 Database Size Estimator, is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

For more information about database sizing and deployment guidelines, see the Interaction Concentrator section in the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide. The Genesys Info Mart section of the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide can also provide helpful sizing and performance information for Interaction Concentrator.

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