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Document Change History

This section lists content that is new or that has changed significantly since the first release of this document. The most recent changes appear first.

There was no 8.1.3 release of Interaction Concentrator.

New in Document Version 8.1.401.00

  • The Deployment Guide was converted from PDF-only format to this online format, with the option of printing a PDF, if desired.
  • Added descriptions of two new configuration options, cfg-annex in the Configuration functional group under the callconcentrator section and do-not-register, which is configured on the DN configuration object.
  • Updated the name of the new migration script name format used in releases 8.1.4 and higher. For details on the migration scripts, see the Interaction Concentrator 8.1 Deployment Procedure.
  • Added an item to the About Interaction Concentrator topic noting support for encrypted RDBMSs and support for having TEvent attached data hidden in log files. For details on this functionality and how to configure it, see the Genesys 8.1 Security Deployment Guide.

New in Document Version

  • Added information on how to configuring IDB on PostgreSQL and specified the details of DAP configuration appropriate to PostgreSQL.
  • Added notes stating new ICON support for dynamic updates to T-Server host and port changes.
  • Added a section on security features and configuration requirements to the section on Deployment Planning.
  • Added a recommendation to install ICON on the same host as the T-Server or Interaction Server for which it writes data.
  • Added information about the option to purge the persistent queue file upon ICON startup to the information on the Persistent Queue file.
  • Added notes to indicate that the gsysIRMerge and gsysIRMerge2 stored procedures are compatible with Genesys Info Mart 7.x but are not needed by Genesys Info Mart 8.x.
  • Added notes to indicate that the gsysIRMerge and gsysIRMerge2 stored procedures are not applicable to the PostgreSQL RBDMS.
  • Configuration option additions, updates and corrections:
    • Added descriptions of the cseq-adjustment, gls-enforce-reason-code, pq-startup-purge , ring-divert, and gls-improve-data-for-agent configuration options.
    • Added a reference to the information about the GSYS_EXT_INT1 field in the G_PARTY_HISTORY table to the description of the ivr configuration option.
    • Added notes to the om-memory-optimization and calls-in-the-past options stating the releases in which the om-memory-optimization setting could override the calls-in-the-past setting.
    • Corrected and clarified the wording for the gls-acw-first option descriptions for the ICON Application object and the Switch Application object.
    • Corrected and amplified the description for the sst-options configuration option.
    • Added notes to advise users that the values for the role option must be set in lowercase only, not uppercase or mixed case.
  • Updated the name of the Genesys eServices product by changing it from eServices/Multimedia simply to eServices, its current name. Multimedia was the former product name.
  • Added notes instructing readers to restart the ICON server after any change to the attached data specification file.

New in Document Version

  • Purge by Truncating Partitions
    • Described new scripts and stored procedure, purgePartitions811, for creating and using a partitioned Oracle RDBMS that is set up so as to be able to purge data by truncating partitions:
    • Added the purgePartitions811 stored procedure to the list of purge procedures.
    • Noted important considerations to take into account before implementing the purge by truncating partitions functionality.
    • Added deployment instructions for creating a partitioned Oracle IDB that can then be purged using the purgePartitions811 stored procedure.
    • Listed the new initialization scripts used to partition IDB and to enable purging by truncating partitions.
In this release, partitioning is supported only on Oracle 11 or higher.
  • New Configuration Options—Added descriptions of the following configuration options:
    • cfg-auto-resync
    • advanced-ext-party-reconstruction
    • dest-busy-processing
    • x-server-http-trace-level
    • x-server-smtp-trace-level
    • x-server-dbw-debug-level
    • third-party-queue-in-divert
  • Corrected Configuration Option Values
    • Corrected the Changes Take Effect values for the pq-backlog-alarm-threshold and pq-backlog-clearance-threshold options from Immediately to After restart.
  • Added Information on IDB Update Scripts for Genesys Info Mart—Added descriptions of the update_idb_for_gim.sql and update_idb_for_gim_mm.sql scripts, required for environments running Genesys Info Mart.
  • New PQ File Requirement—Added a note informing users of the requirement to locate persistent queue files on a local drive.

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