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Upgrading within the Same Release Family


To apply correctly to GRAT and GRE a hot fix or maintenance release within the same release family (for example, from 8.5.000.xx to 8.5.100.xx).


  1. Install the new installation package.
  2. Undeploy the original .war file from your application server.
  3. Important
    Do not just copy the new .war file over the old .war file in your application server directory. Genesys recommends undeploying first and letting the application server clean up its files, then deploying the new .war file.
  4. Deploy the new .war file to your application server.
  5. Important
    If you have a very large repository database, it may take several minutes the first time you deploy the new .war file, as GRAT must re-build the index cache. Once this process is complete the user will be able to log in to the system.
  6. If installing GRAT, log into the Genesys Rules Authoring Server. If installing GRE, navigate to the home page to ensure it is operating successfully (for example; http://myserver:8080/genesys-rules-engine).
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