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Section: settings
Default Value: 3
Valid Values: Any positive integer
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the number of versions of each published rule template to display to the Rules Author when they are creating or changing a rule package.

Rule Templates and Rules

Rule Templates

Releases up to and including 8.1.2

Rule templates are developed in the Genesys Rules Development Tool (GRDT). In releases up to and including 8.1.2, each time a rule template is published, a new version is created in the repository. The rule author will be able to select the latest version of the template when creating a rule package. Once a rule package is created, it will always use the same version of the rule template, even if newer versions are published. The rule author can choose to upgrade to a newer version of the rule template at any time, but this will not happen automatically.

The rule developer should communicate to the rule author if a new version of the Rule Template is available and if they are advised to upgrade.

When you are publishing newer versions of the rule template, be aware that certain changes could affect rules that already have been created using the earlier version of the template. Be careful not to make changes that could void existing rules, unless these changes are communicated to the rule author. For example, if Rule Template version 1 contains a condition that is removed later in version 2, then if a rule were already built using that condition, it will no longer compile if the rule author upgrades to Rule Template version 2.

Release 8.1.3

In release 8.1.3, multiple versions of templates can be created and stored for users to choose from in the Template Selection dialog. This dialog shows the last N versions of a template, where N is a value configured by using configuration option display-n-template versions in Genesys Administrator.

For example, if the configuration were set to show the last 3 versions of a template, the currently selected template is GRS Template version 2, and there are 5 versions in the repository, we would show GRS Template versions 5, 4 and 3, as well as GRS Template version 2. Users could choose between versions 3, 4, or 5.

Template Selection

Configuration Option


Version Comment

In order to provide details about the differences between template versions, rules template developers in GRDT can now publish a version comment that describes specific changes made to individual template versions. This version comment appears in GRAT in the Template Selection table, and can be edited by the rule author in GRAT.

Refer to the Genesys Rules Development Tool Help for more information about rule templates and how to create them.


Business rules are created in the GRAT by business analysts. Rules are created within a rule package. When a rule package is created, one or more rule templates can be selected for inclusion. The templates determine the conditions, actions, and so on that are available to use during creation of business rules.

For specific information about how business rules are used with the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution, go here.

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