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Deploying GRAT in Genesys Administrator


To configure the GRAT applications and deploy the GRAT installation package using Genesys Administrator.


To install GRAT on Configuration Servers 8.1.1 or later, Genesys Administrator 8.1.1 or later is required.

Procedure Summary

  1. Import the GRAT IP into Genesys Administrator.
  2. Install the GRAT IP.
  3. Configure the GRAT application.

Import the GRAT IP into Genesys Administrator

  1. Import the installation package into Genesys Administrator:
  2. On the Deployment tab of GA select the Import button.
    1. Select the Installation CD-ROM radio button.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Browse to the MediaInfo.xml file on the CD or the CD image location on the network (the path must be in UNC format).
    4. Click Next.
  3. Select GRAT for your operating system as well as the appropriate type in the list in order to import the installation package.
    • For Management Framework 8.1.1, the type is Business Rules Application Server.
    • For Management Framework 8.1 and earlier, the type is Genesys Generic Server.
  4. Select Next to start the import.
  5. Click Finish when the import is complete.

Install the GRAT IP

  1. Select the Deployment tab in Genesys Administrator. The list of installation packages will now show the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool.
  2. Right-click and select Install Package for the IP for your operating system and type.
  3. Click Next to start the installation wizard. The following parameters must be defined/selected:
    1. Application Name for the Genesys Authoring Tool server application.
    2. Target Host—The host to which the .war file will be copied during the installation procedure.
    3. Working Directory—The directory in which the .war file will be created.
    4. Client Side IP Address (optional).
    5. Client Side Port (optional).
    6. Backup Configuration Server hostname.
    7. Backup Configuration Server port.
    8. Connection delay time in seconds.
    9. Reconnect Attempts.
    10. Important
      After the specified number of attempts to connect to the primary Configuration Server all fail, connection to the backup Configuration Server is attempted. If these attempts to the backup Configuration Server fail, then once again connection to the Primary Configuration Server is attempted. If no backup Configuration Server is configured, there is no limit on the number of connection attempts.
    11. Client application name—The name of the GRAT client application.
    12. Important
      Items a through i will be written to the bootstrapconfing.xml file in the .war file. Any subsequent updates to the parameters will have to be made in that file.
  4. On the next screen, enter the Connection ID and Connection Port for the Genesys Rules Authoring Server. Specify the connections for the Rules Authoring Server on the next screen (select the GRE application). You can also add this connection later under the Configuration for the application. Verify the previously-defined installation parameters on the Deployment Summary screen.

Configure the GRAT application

Configuration options are described here.

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