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Locating the GRDT Version Number

The GRDT is an Eclipse plug-in with a specific version number format that is not easily located. If you are working with Genesys Technical Support, you will need to supply the exact version of the GRDT you are using.


To locate the version number:

  1. In Composer, go to Help > About Composer. If you are using Eclipse, go to Help > About Eclipse.
  2. Click Installation Details.
  3. On the Installed Software tab, you will see an entry for Template Development Tool. In the column, you will see the version number (in the format 8.1.x.xxxxxxxxxxxx, as shown in the diagram below).
GRDT Version Number
You will not be able to select this version through the Web form when creating a Service Request, so you will need to select Unspecified. Include the full version number in your Service Request details.
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