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Genesys Rules System REST API Reference Guide

API Functions

The GRS REST API provides functions to manage:

  • Authentication—login, logout.
  • Business Hierarchy
  • Rule Templates
  • Rule Packages
  • Parameters
  • Rules
  • Business Calendars
  • Deployments and Snapshots

Applications or custom user interfaces (which can run in parallel to or instead of the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool web application) can use this API to perform rule authoring and deployment.

This reference can be used to write applications that use the Genesys Rules System Representational state transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API). This reference also explains the resources and methods available to developers. Each category presents information about relevant operations, related resources, request parameters, and return values.

Enabling/Disabling the GRS REST API

Use of the API can be enabled or disabled by setting the value of configuration option rest-api. In addition, this configuration option will enable you to determine whether or not to force only SSL communications. Genesys strongly recommends running over SSL in order to protect the authentication tokens that flow on each request from compromise. SSL can be disabled where appropriate (for example, testing labs, positioning server behind firewalls, and so on). Valid values are as follows:

  • disabled—(default)The REST API is disabled and will not accept any requests.
  • enabled—The REST API is enabled and will accept both secure (https) and non-secure (http) requests.
  • requireSSL—The REST API is enabled and will only accept secure (https) requests.

Platform Support

In this release, the REST API will be available only from the Tomcat application server.

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