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Lock Calendar





Request Body


Response Body


HTTP Status Codes

  • 204 No Content—Request was successful
  • 401 Unauthorized—APIToken not valid
  • 403 Forbidden—User does not have permission for the specified tenant ID, or does not have the correct permission for this operation.
  • 404 Not Found—could not find specified package ID or calendar ID.
  • 412 Precondition failed—another user holds the lock for this resource
  • 503—Service Unavailable


User must have CALENDAR_VIEW and CALENDAR_MODIFY permissions. User can LOCK (obtain exclusive access) to a calendar by issuing this API. The LOCK will be in effect until UNLOCKED by the user, or until the user's APIToken times out (session timeout, default 30 min). A lock is required to modify or delete the calendar.

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