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Testing the Installation

Test the installation by logging in a user to the GRAT.

See Configuring a User for the GRAT to verify that the user has the correct permissions.

  1. Start your web application container (Tomcat or WebSphere) on the server(s) that are hosting the GRAT and the GRE.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the URL for the GRAT—for example http://<host>:<port>/genesys-rules-authoring/login.jsp (or http://<host>:<port>/genesys-rules-authoring/singlesignon.jsp if this is configured) where <host> is the name of the server on which the web container is running that is hosting the GRAT server, and <port> is the listening port for your web container (such as 8080). These are the same host and port that you entered in Installing the GRDT Component. The default name is genesys-rules-authoring, but you can override this name during deployment.
  3. On the login screen, enter the credentials for a user to login to the GRAT. Users who log into the GRAT must have access to one or more tenants in a multi-tenant environment, with, at minimum, Read permission to the tenant(s). In addition, users or access groups must have, at a minimum, Read and Execute permissions to this GRAT client Application object in Configuration Server, in order to log in to the GRAT.
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